FHW Bursary Recipients

Bursary Recipients

Find inspiration for your next course and see who we’ve supported in the past.

Bursary Recipients

Since 2013, FHW has supported the Welsh exhibition sector with over 170 bursaries and thousands of individual engagements with different workshops, surgeries and events:

2015/16 – Jody Tozer (Ffresh). Read Jody’s blog here.

2014 – Alice Turner (Penarth Pier Pavilion)

2014/15 – Berwyn Rowlands (Iris Prize). Find out more about his trip to Berlin here.

2016/17 – Sue Bailey (Fisguard Film Society)

2017/18 – Dave Evans (WIDF). Read his blog here.

2019 – Luisa Pèrcopo (IFFC)

2015/16 – David Gillam (Torch Theatre), Joy Green (Haverfordwest Film Society)

2017/18 – David Gillam (WOW: Wales on World Film Festival). Read David’s blog here.

2015/16 – Simon Profitt (New Dot Cinema), Norman Gettings (Llandaff North Festival)

2016/17 – Allison Williams (Dragon Theatre), Gloria Vasquez (Films and Wine)

2018 – Lisa Denison (Sinema Sadwrn). Read Lisa’s blog here.

2017/18 – Rhiannon Hughes (Wicked Wales), Lacey Small (Wicked Wales).

2015 – Claire Vaughan (Chapter). Read Claire’s blog here.

2014/15 – Fadhili Maghiya (Watch Africa)

2014/15 – Claire Vaughan (Chapter)

2016/17 – Paul O’Connor (Sol Cinema)

2015/16 – Paul Holder (Chapter). Find out more about Paul’s ABCinema Sprint in his blog.

2016/17 – Three young film enthusiasts (Amy, Luan and Eben plus their chaperone Chris) went on a video bloggers course at Flatpack. Read their blogs here.

2014/15 – Angie Dickinson (Pontardawe Arts Centre), Emyr Williams (Pontio), Jill Edge (Theatr Gwaun), Rhowan Alleyne (WOW), Stephen Phillips (Chapter),

2015/16 – Emyr Williams (Pontio), Annie Grundy (Magic Lantern), Angie Dickinson (Pontardawe Arts Centre), Jamie Grew (New Dot Cinema), Dave Phillips (Abergavenny Film Society), Natasha Wilson (Penarth Pier Pavilion)

2016/17 – Matt Beere (Chapter),  Emyr Williams (Pontio), Annie Grundy (Magic Lantern), Mark Bond (Magic Lantern)

2017/18 – Emyr Williams (Pontio), Sara Waddington (Magic lantern)

2018/19 – Ben Rive (Snowcat Cinema), Angie Dickinson (Pontardawe Arts Centre), Emyr Williams (Pontio), Sara Waddington (Magic Lantern), Simon Proffit (New Dot Cinema).

Read about the benefits of attending from members here.

2018/19 – Sara Waddington (Magic Lantern). Read Sara’s blog here.

2018/19 – Yvonne Connike & Yasmin Begum: Cinema Golau (ICO ID Day Birmingham). Read Yvonne’s blog here.

2018/19 – Natasha Swann (Wicked Wales), Lacey Small (Wicked Wales). Read their blog here.

2022 – Dion Wyn Hughes (Wicked Wales). Read Dion’s blog here.

2018/19 – Rhiannon Hughes (Wicked Wales)

2016/17 – Rhiannon Wyn Hughes (Wicked Wales). Read Rhiannon’s blog here.

2017/18 – QFN were supported to host their quarterly network meeting in Cardiff.

2014/15 – David Gillam (WOW: Wales on World Film Festival).

2016/17 – Radha Patel (Gentle/Radical). Read Radha’s blog.

Film Hub Wales
The Kids Are Alright Conference

2013 – Claire Vaughan (Chapter)

2014/15 – Bryoni Sadler (Flicks in the Sticks)

2016/17 – James Cass (Magic Lantern), Allison Williams (Dragon Theatre),

2018 – Jamie Hughes and Steve Jones (Gwyn Hall). Read Jamie’s blog here.

2018/19 – Jody Tozer (Cardiff Mini Film Festival)

WNO Oz with Orchestra

2017/18 – Young Programmers from WICKED Cinema in Rhyl spent the day at the Welsh National Opera’s screening of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ interviewing audience members.

View their short film or read the blog here.

2015/16 – Dan Thomas (Wicked Wales). Find out more about Dan’s research trip to Hanover here.

2014/15 – Rhiannon Hughes (Wicked Wales)


BFI FAN New Release Marketing Day

2018/19 – Sara Waddington (Magic Lantern)

Demographics are Dead (Arts Council of Wales)

2015/16 – Lisa Nesbitt (Film Hub Wales)

A UK-wide training programme for exhibitors looking to inspire the next generation of cinema-goers. Cultivate offers presentations and discussions around a broad range of topics including navigating the primary and secondary curriculum, Inspiring young people, programming suitable films, developing study guides, being safe and compliant and engaging a range of audiences, stakeholders and partners.

2014/15 – Rhiannon Hughes (Wicked Wales)

Innovation Lab: Young Audiences

2018/19 – Rhys Roberts (Cell B), Pauline Williams (Off Y Grid) and Rhiannon Wyn Hughes (Wicked Wales). Read Rhiannon’s blog here.

2014/15 – Theatre Gwaun and Watch Africa

2015/16 – Lisa Nesbitt (Film Hub Wales)

2015/16 – Joann Rae, (Theatr Colwyn)

2016/17 – Anna Redfern, Cinema & Co and Silvia Sheehan (Off y Grid). Read Silvia’s blog here.

2017/18 – Steffan Thomas (Galeri Caernarfon). Read Steffan’s blog here.

An intensive programme for film festival professionals, taught by some of the world’s experts on taking your festival to the next level.

2014/15 – Jody Tozer (Ffresh)

Gives those in film exhibition the chance to learn practical management skills. The bespoke training experience will accelerates development through a holistic approach, with expert support, coaching and peer-to-peer learning.

2017 – Rabab Ghazoul (Gentle/Radical)

A project-based training programme for independent film exhibitors who want to learn from experts about how to strategically grow audiences.

2016/17 – Gwen Sion (Pontio), Rhys Roberts (Cell B) and Mike Roberts (Clwyd Theatr Cymru). Read their blogs here.

2018 – Kate (Memo Arts Centre), Aleksandra Nikolajev Jones (WIDF)

Supported visits at EVI (Ebbw Vale), Torch Theatre, Radyr & Morganstown Community Cinema, Valleys Kids and Rhyl Little Theatre.

2016/17 – WOW Women’s Film Club and Gentle/Radical teamed up with the Independent Cinema Office and Chapter to host a free workshop on the technical aspects of pop-up film projection and presentation. The half day course offered women the opportunity to learn and become confident in how to technically set up and use projection and screening equipment to run pop-up film events. Read the blog here.

Moviola Sustainability Seminars

2017 – In July 2017 Moviola ran six Sustainability Seminars across the UK, with the aim to collect experiences and ideas to inform a Sustainability Action Plan and a ‘Good Practice in the Moviola Family Guide’ to distribute across their network. Film Hub Wales supported a seminar in Wales at Llanfair Kilgeddin Village Hall.

Read all about the outcomes here.

Back in 2016 Film Hub Wales organised two new training days called Opening Doors. They were packed full of innovation projects, interactive games, film ideas and resources designed to help venues reach diverse audience groups. FAN Access Officer Toki Allison then toured these development sessions across the UK.

2015/16 – Dave Phillips (Abergavenny Film Society), Phillip Walkley (Moviola), Stephen Nottingham (Murchfield Community Cinema).

2016/17 – James Cass (Magic Lantern)

2018/19 – Allison Williams (Dragon Theatre), Eiko Meredith (Kotasu Animation Festival), Natasha Swann (Wicked Wales), Lacey Small (Wicked Wales), Yvonne Connikie (Cinema Golau), Yasmin Begum (Cinema Golau)

Read Allison and Eiko’s blog here.

2016/17 – Neil Dunshire – TAPE

2017/18 – Claire Vaughan and Sally Griffith

This Way Up is the UK film exhibition innovation conference that promises to inspire and enlighten, provoke and challenge. It is an annual event to connect and share.

Read Neil’s blog here.

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