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Film Hub Wales (FHW) celebrates cinema. We fund, train and advise organisations that screen film, from film festivals, to societies and mixed arts centres. Working with over 300 Welsh exhibitors, we aim to bring the best British and International film to all audiences across Wales and the UK. We were also proud to lead the UK Inclusive Cinema strategy on behalf of BFI FAN 2017-23.

We’re part of a UK wide network of eight hubs funded by the British Film Institute (BFI) which form the Film Audience Network (FAN), with Chapter appointed as the ‘Film Hub Lead Organisation’ (FHLO) in Wales.

If you screen films to a public audience, you can become a member and benefit from our research, training courses, bursaries, funds, advice and more. If you’re a filmmaker, check out our filmmaker and distributor support sheet for advice on how we can promote your film to our networks.

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Membership to Film Hub Wales is free.

Organisations eligible for membership include:

  • Cinemas (independent and local/national circuits),
  • Mixed arts venues,
  • Volunteer-run film societies and community cinemas,
  • Touring cinemas and community screen networks,
  • Film festivals,
  • Screen archives,
  • Regular pop-up film events,
  • Academic institutions,
  • Museums and galleries,
  • Local authority departments and agencies,
  • Local and regional development agencies,
  • Community groups and leisure providers

As a member, you have access to all this and more:

  • Financial support – You can apply to FHW to screen British independent and international films,
  • Promotional support for your screenings via FHW press and socials and a dedicated page on our website / map,
  • Partnerships – Connect with over 300 other exhibitors Wales wide, including festivals, cinemas, archives and young consultants,
  • Advice – From project support to build your audiences, to day-to-day exhibition queries,
  • Programme updates, assets and screeners for the latest British (including Welsh) and international film titles,
  • UK advocacy for your venue / organisation,
  • Training courses, networking, events, online resources, film preview days, advice schemes and bursaries to help with your learning costs.
  • Access to research and new data,
  • Access to news and opportunities via FHW and BFI FAN mailings, such as funding rounds and box office data.

Members must support our objectives which reflect the BFI Screen Culture 2033 strategy.

Become a member and explore our funding guidelines for audience development and training.

Thanks to National Lottery funding, since FHW was set up in 2013, we’ve supported over 310 cinema projects, reaching over 560,000 audience members. Take a look at some of the highlights to date to discover what we’ve funded in the past and projects we’ve created:

Previous highlights

Annual highlights 2022 – 2023

2022 brought new challenges, from life post-Covid, to a cost of living crisis but you continued to bring film experiences to communities across Wales. From a new Windrush Festival in Newport, to hyperlocal street based screenings in Riverside, audiences came together to support their local cinemas. Let’s take a look at just some of the things we’ve achieved together during 2022/23. View the highlights




Annual highlights 2021 – 2022

During global uncertainty, you welcomed audiences back to share the communal magic of cinema through engaging screenings and events. You celebrated Welsh culture through home-grown releases, gave lesser-known stories a platform through curated programmes and raised awareness through courses and discussions. View the highlights.




Annual highlights 2020 – 2021

You’ve gone virtual, outdoors and reimagined your business models. You converted your cinemas into foodbanks, offered medical deliveries and been on hand to give your communities emotional support during isolation. You’ve embodied resilience, many of you continuing to develop ways to reach audiences and survive the pandemic. As sites across the UK begin to reopen, we’re looking back at just some of the exciting things we achieved together in 20/21. View the highlights.



Annual highlights 2019 – 2020

It’s been a challenging end to the year but so much fantastic work has taken place, thanks to your hard work and support. We want to take a moment to look back at just some of the exciting things that happened in 2019/20. View the highlights.

Frequently asked questions about Film Hub Wales and BFI FAN.

Meet our hub advisory group who guide and monitor Hub strategy.

Find out about other Welsh screen organisations and how they can support you.


Running a cinema can, ironically, be quite an insular experience and the existence of the Hub is essential in providing help, vision and support and this resource should never be under appreciated - we do really rely on this agency existing and flourishing.


Outstanding supportive organisation- great network to be part of.


I would never have screened a Welsh language film without the Hub’s support because [this] isn’t a Welsh language speaking area. We undertook surveys to see what percentage of the audience were Welsh speaking and that’s something we never would have done […] It was the support from the Film Hub that got that going effectively.


If there was a film with a Welsh focus I would absolutely jump at working with Film Hub Wales again […] They were very open, they were very communicative (…) and it makes it much easier to have a conversation when people do that, to see what the vision is and how you can pair up.


If you want to get into the industry and have no idea how, this is honestly the best way. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Lacey Small - Wicked Young Programmer

Screening Scratch and Sniff Matilda was a joy. Our audience loved it and the whole process was made easy and fun for us, the organisers too. The information package was very detailed and easy to follow and we got the impression that the Film Hub Wales team had a great time creating it and all the beautiful accompanying artwork.

BFI FAN Member

It has been incredibly important to have this continuation of access to new films through online screening days, Film Hub screening rooms and screening links provided direct from the distributors. Without these it is hard to see how we can do our jobs. Nothing gets you more motivated to book, sell and promote a film screening in your venue than connecting with the film - and if you can't see the film - then that connection can't happen.