Made in Wales Funding

Celebrating films with Welsh connections

If you want to develop audiences for Welsh film at your cinema or festival, you can make an application to our Film Exhibition Fund (FEF) or FEF Pitch Pot.

Please note – this fund is for exhibition only. It is not open to film production, development or distribution, including film premieres.

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We believe that it’s important to celebrate Wales on screen, from emerging talent, to pioneering filmmakers, locations to languages, histories and untold narratives.

Since 2013, we’ve promoted over 450 films with Welsh connections. We offer a range of activities from preview days for film programmers to the development of marketing campaigns and assets that support release strategies in Wales.

We also work with wider Welsh screen organisations to boost the profile of Welsh film and the perception of Wales itself on screen

Browse our list of films that celebrate Wales’ past and present here, with details of how to book them for your cinema or event

Screen Heritage

  • Professionally made feature films, shorts and documentaries whose rights are held by screen archives, e.g. The Life and Times of David Lloyd George (1918) or amateur footage held in personal collections.

Feature Films, Documentaries and Shorts

  • Involving Welsh film talent (director/ producer/ writer/ principal cast) e.g. the films of actor Ray Milland.
  • Made by production companies or filmmakers active in Wales (including those made with Welsh agency or Government funding) e.g. The Toll (2021).
  • Set in Wales, or that deal with Welsh stories, events or people e.g. Tiger Bay (1959).
  • Made in the Welsh language e.g. Y Sŵn (2023).
  • International stories from Welsh storytellers e.g. Donna (2022).

FHW offers opportunities year round for independent exhibition activity in Wales. We offer two broad areas of funding across ‘training’ and ‘audiences’. Members can apply to the following:

If you’re looking for funding for an activity we cannot cover, please see our fundraising resource for external links.

We also offer networking events, training courses, marketing support, and film news.