I'm a Filmmaker/Distributor, how can film hub wales help me?

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Film Hub Wales (FHW) celebrates cinema. We support organisations that screen film, from film festivals, to societies and mixed arts centres. Working with over 300 Welsh exhibitors, we aim to bring the best British and international film to all audiences across Wales and the UK.

We are one of eight UK-wide ‘hubs’ funded by the British Film Institute (BFI) to form the Film Audience Network (FAN), with Chapter as the Film Hub Lead Organisation (FHLO) in Wales. You will find other hubs in London, the Midlands, Northern Ireland, the South West, Scotland, the North and the South East, who we also work with on UK-wide film initiatives.

Since 2013, we’ve supported over 310 exciting cinema projects, including Roald Dahl on Film the Queer Film Network UK, reaching over 560,000 audience members.

We are also very proud to lead the UK Inclusive Cinema strategy on behalf of BFI FAN.

To read more about our work to date, see our highlights here.

We’re all about watching, so how can we help filmmakers? Read on to find out how we support Welsh film.

“What these films need is cultural engagement and visibility” – Filmmaker

At FHW we celebrate our national identity, language and culture through our Made in Wales strategy.

Since 2013, we have supported the exhibition of over 80 unique Welsh features, 24 of which would not have otherwise had a theatrical release. We have invested over £35,000 into projects exhibiting Welsh film (such as a year of Welsh film at the Phoenix Ton Pentre) and have improved audiences for self-distributed Welsh film titles by 23%.

We work with exhibitors on the following Welsh film activities:

  • Welsh Film Preview Days enable exhibitors to see films in advance, support wider programming and discussion (subject to the availability of suitable and sufficient content within a practical timeframe). We have held 15 preview days in 11 different locations across Wales.

“Without seeing the film at the Preview Day we probably would not have screened this film.” – Film Hub Wales Member

  • We offer an online screening room for Hub members where they can view Welsh film screeners between Preview Days,
  • We send out regular newsletters containing updates on film releases,
  • We talk regularly with and share information via distributors, filmmakers and partners such as Ffilm Cymru Wales, INTO Film and Wales Screen,
  • We run a UK-wide BFI FAN Young Programmers Network, with four venues in Wales and many more across the country. This offers opportunities for young audiences to feedback on Welsh films,
  • We offer a Made in Wales section on our website, where a catalogue of Welsh film are listed,
  • We offer financial support to exhibitors to help promote Welsh-made, Welsh language and archive film.


Can you help fund my film?

Film Hub Wales are unable to offer financial support for film production, development and distribution, including film premieres. Please see other useful partners on the next tab.

Will you help distribute my film?

FHW cannot function as a distributor/booker due to the size and remit of our team. Once we have promoted your film to exhibitors, we will encourage them to book directly via your booking contact. Our promotional service is offered in addition to the distribution of your film and you will still be responsible for securing and completing bookings.

Can you give me the contact details of Welsh cinemas?

We work with a very large network of cinemas and, for data protection reasons, we are unable to release contact lists. We are very happy to forward information on your film and encourage them to contact you.

When should I send you information on my film?

Many FHW members programme three months in advance, so receiving this information in good time is important in supporting the theatrical window. Advance teasers and diary markers are welcomed, even if release dates change.

Most cinemas in Wales have one screen, meaning Welsh films share screen space with theatre, mainstream cinema and external hires. This is another good reason to share information in advance.

What if I don’t hear from the cinemas?

There is demand for Welsh film from exhibitors but bear in mind that they often only have one person working on the programme. This person may also be the General Manager, Marketer and Front of House operator, and some have to respond to hundreds of requests for film bookings every month. Please be patient if they don’t get back to you immediately.

Can I become a FHW member?

FHW was set up to support the film exhibition sector in Wales. Our membership and financial support is open to cinemas, arts centres, community venues, societies and other organisations that screen films for audiences. If you are a filmmaker, distributor or other film practitioner, you are not eligible for FHW membership but we are always happy to talk about how we can help.

Do you only support new releases?

We encourage members to book Welsh features, shorts and archive from across the decades! Our Made in Wales catalogue contains the booking details for a wide range of Welsh films, and we regularly support members with Welsh film seasons.

Can you promote the crowdfunding for my film?

Yes, if the film is of interest to our members. Please send us the details and we will share across our social network.

If you are making, or have made a Welsh film and would like us to promote it to over 300 exhibitors in Wales (and over 1,500 UK-wide BFI FAN members, where appropriate to the release), please fill in this form:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact: radha@filmhubwales.org


  • Filmmaker/Distributor Support Sheet (PDF or Word)


If you have any questions about FHW, please contact:

We focus on exhibition but perhaps you’re interested in production, distribution or other areas of film in Wales. Find out about other Welsh screen organisations and how they can support you:

Our funders

BFI (British Film Institute)

The BFI exists to promote greater understanding and appreciation of, and access to, film and moving image culture in the UK.

Why go to them?
BFI offer a number of national funds from production and development to organisational awards and support for distribution. Festivals of national significance can also apply.

Our Partners and Wider Screen Organisations in Wales

Arts Alive/Flicks In The Sticks

Arts Alive/Flicks In The Sticks work with over 130 different venues (any suitable local space that can show film, from churches to village halls) across Shropshire, Herefordshire and Mid-Wales.

Why go to them?

To choose from their catalogue of films, to seek advice on programming and booking and to borrow kit if in the right area.

Arts Council of Wales

Arts Council of Walesis the country’s funding and development organisation for the arts.

Why go to them?
ACW offer a range of funding options for individuals and organisations. They also host many useful toolkits and jobs listings.


BAFTA Cymru support talent and celebrating the very best of the film, games and television industries in Wales through the annual BAFTA Cymru awards and regular events across Wales.

Why go to them?
Join their network of practitioners by becoming a member, connect to Welsh talent through exciting industry events and build your career.

BBC Cymru Wales

BBC Cymru Walesis the nation’s broadcaster, providing a wide range of English and Welsh language content for audiences across Wales, as well as flagship programmes for network.

Why go to them?
If you’re interested in commissioning content. They also hold the rights to a number of Welsh films (see our catalgue).


BECTU is the UK’s media and entertainment trade union, representing more than 40,000 staff, contract and freelance workers in creative industries.

Why go to them?

BECTU’s wide-ranging work on behalf of members includes support with conditions and contracts, training courses such as Cult Cymru, networking and advice.


BFI Network Walesdiscover, develop and fund new and emerging writers, directors and producers across the UK. Delivered by Ffilm Cymru Wales with investment from the National Lottery.

Why go to them?
If you’re Welsh born or based and looking for support at the beginning of your film-making career.

Bigger Picture Research

Bigger Picture Research are a UK-based consultancy providing services
to the creative industries, arts and culture sectors

Why go to them?
If you are undertaking audience research or evaluation. Or if you need report writing, proofreading or editorial support.

British Council

British Council Wales brings the best of international education and arts to Wales and helps Welsh students, teachers, artists and others connect professionally with people around the world.

Why go to them?
If you’re looking for programmes, exchanges and partnerships that could help you meet new people, develop language skills, work or teach in countries across the world. They also run a really useful festivals database.


CADW is the Welsh Government’s historic environment service working for an accessible and well-protected historic environment for Wales.

Why go to them?
If you have a shared interest and want to form a partnership. CADW run a number of projects and events year-round.

Cinema For All

Cinema For All are the national support and development organisation for community-led cinema: community cinemas, film clubs and societies.

Why go to them?

If you’re a new society looking for set up advice or you would like to join their film booking scheme. We also run a kit hire scheme in collaboration.


Clwstwr Creadigol aims to put innovation at the core of media production in South Wales – moving Cardiff’s thriving screen sector from strength to leadership.

Why go to them?
If you have a research and development brief, they have funds available to support.

Creative Cardiff

Creative Cardiffis a network which connects people working in any creative organisation, business or job in the Cardiff region.

Why go to them?
To discover new ideas, build your audience, promote your work, find new opportunities and work with new people.

Creative Europe Desk UK

Creative Europe Desk UK help the UK’s cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors to access funding from Creative Europe.

Why go to them?

Creative Europe Desk are based in the Welsh Government Creative industries team. They can offer advice and support on funding proposals. They also host events across the UK.

Creative Wales

Creative Wales is a new agency set up within Welsh Government. Their mission is to drive growth across the creative industries, build on existing success and develop new talent and skills –positioning Wales as one of the best places for creative businesses to thrive.

Why go to them?

They offer a range of support schemes including business support, funding, access to Creative Europe, Wales Screen, the commercial music industry and digital sector.

Ffilm Cymru Wales

Established in 2006 and formerly known as the Film Agency Wales, Ffilm Cymru Wales have a remit to help to develop the film sector in Wales and maximise the economic, educational and cultural benefits of film.

Why go to them?

If you’re a filmmaker and want to explore support for a Welsh film project, if you’re a festival or venue looking for audience development funding, or if you’re a film education practitioner looking to make films with young people, or create educational resources/educational film projects.

(Independent Cinema Office)

ICO (Independent Cinema Office) are the national organisation for the development and support of independent film exhibition in the UK.

Why go to them?

If you need help with programming, want to book their films or want to take part in one of the many courses and events they run annually. Their website is also a handy resource for licensing and how to set up a cinema.

Into Film

Into Film is a film education charity that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people aged 5-19 across the UK.

Why go to them?

If you want to get in contact with your local schools film club, or if you don’t have one and are interested to see if they can build links nearby. If you would like to host something for teachers or schools at your venue, or participate in the Into Film Festival by offering a free school screening. To find out more about how Into Film could help FAN members click here.

It’s My Shout

It’s My Shout is a training scheme, based in Wales, providing training for all ages interested in gaining experience in Film.

Why go to them?

If you’re interested in getting hands on experience in film-making.


Moviola provide a programming advice and film booking service for some 250 venues right across the UK.

Why go to them?

To choose from their catalogue of films, to seek advice on programming and booking and to borrow kit if in the right area.

Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru (TAC)

Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru (TAC) is the voice of the independent TV production sector in Wales.

Why go to them?

TAC offers range of services including standard contracts and other business affairs support, policy representation and a training and skills programme.


S4Cis a Welsh language digital platform and television channel, transmitting live between 6 in the morning and late at night, working primarily with independent production companies.

Why go to them?
S4C have a host of content in their archive, some of which is available for theatrical screenings (see our catalogue).

Screen Alliance Wales

Based at Bad Wolf Studios,Screen Alliance Wales provide useful information for people working in the film and TV industry in Wales, promoting talent, educating young people and working with production companies to sources services.

Why go to them?

If you’re a young person looking to find work in the creative industries or a production company looking to recruit crew, locations and services.

Screen and Sound Archive

Based at the National Library of Wales, the Screen and Sound Archive is home to a comprehensive collection of films, television programmes, videos, sound recordings and music relating to Wales and the Welsh.

Why go to them?

If you would like to access and/or screen content from the audio visual collections.

Sgil Cymru

Sgil Cymru offer three different types of creative and digital media apprenticeships as well as bespoke courses for industry professionals looking to upskill or step up to a new role.

Why go to them?

If you work in the UK film and TV industry, or aspire to and want to up-skill.

University of South Wales

With more than 31,000 students from 122 countries, the University of South Wales  is the 6th largest university in the UK and the largest in Wales.

Why go to them?

USW offer BA courses in film, cinema, set design, performance and more.

Wales Screen

Wales Screen encourages film and television productions to use locations, crew and facilities throughout Wales. Part of Creative Wales (within Welsh Government) Wales Screen assists productions on a practical basis, ensuring that their spend within the Welsh economy is maximised.

Why go to them?
If you’re looking for locations, studio or build space, freelance crew and production facilities or key contacts within local authorities for permission to film throughout Wales.

Welsh Broadcasting Trust

Welsh Broadcasting Trustis a registered charity established to promote and support educational and practical activities in relation to television, film, radio and digital media.

Why go to them?
Financial support is available to individuals wishing to improve their skills in television, film, radio and new media.

WNO (Welsh National Opera)

WNO (Welsh National Opera) transform lives through the power of opera. They do this with award winning performances of fully staged opera and concerts which combine a sense of adventure with the highest possible quality. Beyond the theatre, WNO connects with people through community and education work and digital projects.

Why go to them?
Perhaps you’re interested in running cross arts events in your venue.

Wolf Studios Wales

Wolf Studios Wales is a new studio facility in South Wales within close proximity to Cardiff centre and Cardiff Bay.  

Facilities include 125,000 square feet of stage space with 5 stages ranging from 14,200 to 50,000 square feet and stage heights from 31 to 57.5 feet.  There is flexible office space, auxiliary rooms, costume and props storage. 

Why go to them?
If you need facilities, locations and services.