I'm a Filmmaker/Distributor, how can film hub wales help me?

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Film Hub Wales (FHW) celebrates cinema. We support organisations that screen film, from film festivals, to societies and mixed arts centres. Working with over 300 Welsh exhibitors, we aim to bring the best British and international film to all audiences across Wales and the UK.

We are one of eight UK-wide ‘hubs’ funded by the British Film Institute (BFI) to form the Film Audience Network (FAN), with Chapter as the Film Hub Lead Organisation (FHLO) in Wales. You will find other hubs in London, the Midlands, Northern Ireland, the South West, Scotland, the North and the South East, who we also work with on UK-wide film initiatives.

Since 2013, we’ve supported over 345 exciting cinema projects, including Anim18, Roald Dahl on Film the Queer Film Network UK, reaching over 560,000 audience members.

We were also proud to lead the UK Inclusive Cinema strategy on behalf of BFI FAN 2017-23.

To read more about our work to date, see our highlights here.

We’re all about watching, so how can we help filmmakers? Read on to find out how we support Welsh film.

“What these films need is cultural engagement and visibility” – Filmmaker

At FHW we celebrate our national identity, language and culture through our Made in Wales strategy.

Since 2013, we have supported the exhibition of over 400 unique Welsh features, many of which would not have otherwise had a theatrical release. Over 30 films with Welsh connections released in 19/20 and at least 8 are released on average annually. Many of these self-distribute. We invest into projects exhibiting Welsh film (such as a year of Welsh film at the Phoenix Ton Pentre) and have improved audiences for self-distributed Welsh film titles by 23%.

We work with exhibitors on the following Welsh film activities:

  • Welsh Film Preview Days enable exhibitors to see films in advance, support wider programming and discussion (subject to the availability of suitable and sufficient content within a practical timeframe). We have held 18 preview days in 11 different locations across Wales.

“Without seeing the film at the Preview Day we probably would not have screened this film.” – Film Hub Wales Member

  • We offer an online screening room for Hub members where they can view Welsh film screeners between Preview Days,
  • We send out regular newsletters containing updates on film releases,
  • We support Young Programmers groups across Wales and offer opportunities for young audiences to feedback on Welsh films,
  • We talk regularly with and share information via distributors, filmmakers and partners such as Ffilm Cymru Wales, INTO Film and Wales Screen,
  • We offer a Made in Wales section on our website, where a catalogue of over 1000 Welsh films are listed, including centrally curated packages such as Queer Love and Women’s History Month,
  • We offer financial support to exhibitors to help promote Welsh-made, Welsh language and archive film,
  • We run ‘The Whole Story’, a series of interviews, podcasts and more, designed to boost film marketing campaigns.

Can you help fund my film?

Film Hub Wales are unable to offer financial support for film production, development and distribution, including film premieres. Please see ‘Screen Organisations in Wales’ tab.

Will you help distribute my film?

FHW cannot function as a distributor/booker due to the size and remit of our team. Once we have promoted your film to exhibitors, we will encourage them to book directly via your booking contact. Our promotional service is offered in addition to the distribution of your film and you will still be responsible for securing and completing bookings.

Can you give me the contact details of Welsh cinemas?

We work with a very large network of cinemas and, for data protection reasons, we are unable to release contact lists. We are very happy to forward information on your film and encourage them to contact you.

When should I send you information on my film?

Many FHW members programme three months in advance, so receiving this information in good time is important in supporting the theatrical window. Advance teasers and diary markers are welcomed, even if release dates change.

Most cinemas in Wales have one screen, meaning Welsh films share screen space with theatre, mainstream cinema and external hires. This is another good reason to share information in advance.

What if I don’t hear from the cinemas?

There is demand for Welsh film from exhibitors but bear in mind that they often only have one person working on the programme. This person may also be the General Manager, Marketer and Front of House operator, and some have to respond to hundreds of requests for film bookings every month. Please be patient if they don’t get back to you immediately.

Can I become a FHW member?

FHW was set up to support the film exhibition sector in Wales. Our membership and financial support is open to cinemas, arts centres, community venues, societies and other organisations that screen films for audiences. If you are a filmmaker, distributor or other film practitioner, you are not eligible for FHW membership but we are always happy to talk about how we can help.

Do you only support new releases?

We encourage members to book Welsh features, shorts and archive from across the decades! Our Made in Wales catalogue contains the booking details for a wide range of Welsh films, and we regularly support members with Welsh film seasons.

Can you promote the crowdfunding for my film?

Yes, if the film is of interest to our members. Please send us the details and we will share across our social network.

If you are making, or have made a Welsh film and would like us to promote it to over 300 exhibitors in Wales (and over 1,500 UK-wide BFI FAN members, where appropriate to the release), please fill in this form:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact: films@filmhubwales.org


If you have any questions about FHW, please contact: