The Whole Story: The Silent Twins + Black-Welsh Films

The Silent Twins brings the phenomenal story of the June and Jennifer Gibbons to cinemas across Wales and the UK on December 9th 2022.

Hailed at the Cannes Films Festival, the film tells the story of the sisters from Barbados, raised in Haverfordwest with a deep passion for literature and creative writing.

June was interviewed by The New Yorker in 2000 stating that, as the only Black family, they faced horrific abuse and consequently the sisters became each other’s greatest support system. They were inseparable, speaking a special language to each other that only they understood while becoming selectively mute to everyone around them. Later on in life, sectioned by a deeply unjust and racist mental health system, they continued to keep diaries, wrote stories, poems and novels and eventually pooled together to get one of their novels published.

This incredible true story brings their friendship, creative aspirations and traumatic experiences of navigating a white world, to life on the big screen.

In celebration of their writing and creativity, we’ve put together a list of films by and featuring Black-Welsh talent to highlight the importance of championing Black creatives from development to production and of course exhibition!

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