Wales/Nepal: Our Lives, Our Stories, Our Countries

The project is a collaboration between Wicked Wales Film and the International Youth Media Summit organisation based in Nepal. Wicked Wales Film runs the Wicked Wales International Youth Film Festival and IYMS brings together young filmmakers from all over the world to their annual summit meeting. 

This year these two organisations have formed a partnership to run a pilot project to create 3 webisodes from each partner. The 10 minute webisodes will be a celebration of each country,  promoting their diverse cultures & languages. The films will be screened at a number of  international events and uploaded onto the websites of the two partners. 

IYMS work on a global stage as partners with the United Nations UN, UNICEF and UNESCO so we are  delighted to be a part of this collaboration. Many of their previous films look at the global issues  facing future generations. Their current webisode series is available for viewing at 

This project has been made possible with financial support from Wales Arts International and Wicked Wales Film funds. 

The project aims to help raise the profile of Wales globally and provides an international opportunity to showcase the work of emerging Welsh filmmakers. The focus will be on promoting aspects of Wales from a young people’s perspective.

The 3 films chosen should promote Wales to a worldwide audience and offer an insight into our culture, language & heritage.

Films can be non-dialogue, Welsh or English language & will be subtitled accordingly.

Age category: 18-26.  

The process of making the films can be flexible. Applicants can submit as an individual or as part of a  team, but the lead filmmakers need to be 18 or older. Supporting team members can be younger  (but over 16).  

Filmmakers should be from Wales or currently resident in Wales.  

Applicants should submit a short pitch outlining their idea for a 10 minute film & its aims. A brief  description of the filmic style is also required.  

Deadline for submissions: April 12th2021.  

All submissions will be considered & the final selection made by the Wicked Team within 2 weeks. 

The chosen filmmakers will meet with the Wicked Team and filmmakers from Nepal via Zoom prior  to filming. 

Films must be completed by July 30th to be available for screening at the IYMS international event in  Croatia in August. Films will also be screened at the Wicked Wales Festival in September.  

There is a budget of £500 for each film.  

Any underlying rights (if any) must be cleared before start of filming.  

Filmmakers will be supported by Lorraine Mahoney, Wales Youth Festival Network WYFN Co– ordinator, Pauline Williams, experienced Welsh film producer, Dion Wyn Hughes, Film Marketer and  Rhiannon Hughes, Wicked Festival Director. 

For more information please contact:  

Pauline: or