Technical Skills for BAMER Women 2017 (Gentle/Radical)

In September 2017 Rabab Ghazoul, the director ofGentle/Radical organised technical training for BAME women via the ICO Technical Skills for Digital Exhibition, led by Faye Chamberlain of Chapter Arts Centre.

The free workshop was on the technical aspects of pop-up film projection and presentation. The half day course offered women the opportunity to learn and become confident in how to technically set up and use projection and screening equipment to run pop-up film events.

Film Hub Wales - Wow Tech Training

The training aims to assist us in becoming more reliant and technically proficient in the delivery of our pop-up screenings. As a BME women’s grassroots pop-up film project, we’d dearly love to build a cohort of capable, tech-savvy BME women who are confident, capable and expert at covering this key level of support. Apart from developing the technical skills of our staff and volunteers, developing this expertise in house will give us great flexibility and freedom to deliver our screenings.

  • I have learnt how to set up a projector for film screenings.
    I would be comfortable setting one up in my community.
  • Faye was excellent. She really made it seen a lot of less daunting!
  • Excellent to start from such a low base. Made me feel confident that I will be starting with at least a few skills already.
  • New skills about something new very interesting and the teacher very nice.
  • It brought awareness to how to use these devices.
  • Already knew a lot so it helped to reassure me and maybe offer my help next time/screening.
  • It is very useful and knowledgeable to learn how the technical side of the screening works. And I have learned a few skills.
  • I am happy because I learnt something new today and I met nice people.
  • I feel absolutely fantastic, thanks you so much for presenting this session.
  • Happy I enjoyed myself and learnt new things. It’ll make me more confident at my job in an independent cinema.
  • I feel very excited and a bit confident about using a projector.
  • Inspired by women coming together in this way.
  • More confident, met lots of interesting women.
  • Positive and confident I would love to get involved in pop-up shows.
  • Refreshing to avoid ego’s that male heavy groups can have.
  • We shared concerns, which created a supportive atmosphere.
  • It’s a chance to mix with women who may not attend mixed courses.
  • I felt really comfortable with the place. It was presented in a nice open space and the trainer explained clearly.
  • The boys usually feel entitled to take over.
  • We all showed the common issues and felt very relaxed.
  • Supportive atmosphere, women assisting each other in confidence + sharing.
  • Reassuring to be surrounded by women in the same boat.
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