Dydd Santes Dwynwen Day

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Day

A Wales-wide celebration of the Patron Saint of Welsh lovers on Dydd Santes Dwynwen Day, with Welsh love-themed screenings and events.

In 2016 Film Hub Wales led a Wales-wide celebration of the Patron Saint of Welsh lovers on Dydd Santes Dwynwen Day, with your Welsh love-themed screenings and events.

We curated a package of Welsh films with a ‘love’ theme to help with your programming ideas. See our list (below), or download the pack here (includes booking contacts).

While this season is now closed, *members are welcome to use the package and apply for Welsh Film Support to celebrate future Dydd Santes Dwynwen days.

Contact lisa@filmhubwales.org if you have any questions. 

LOVE Themed Shorts:


Dir: Rhiannon Evans
Release: 2009
Running time: 3m 07 sec

Synopsis: Heartstrings is a 2009 British animated short film directed by Rhiannon Evans at the University of Wales in Newport. It tells the story of two stop-motion figures made from string, who fall in love; their love is represented by a red string that connects them at the heart. The film was made on a budget of £500 and took around four months to complete. In 2010 it was included on the Best of British Animation Awards Vol. 8 DVD. It won 12 awards between 2009 and 2010.

Format: Available on AVI (DCP in creation and Blu-Ray available upon request). Preview available on request.

Booking contact: Rhiannon Evans rhianimator@ymail.com

Y Cwtch Letchwith / The Awkward Hug

Dir: Visual Influence (Christian Britten & Richard Starkey)
Release: 2013
Running time: 2m 58 sec

Synopsis: A Welsh language (without subtitles) comedy short that captures a moment that hopefully everyone has or will experience at one point. That moment when someone says ‘I love you!’

Format: Available on DCP, digital file or BluRay. Preview available on request. Updated format with subtitles available early October.

Booking contact: Christian Britten chris@visualinfluence.co.uk or Richard Starkey rich@visualinfluence.co.uk

All My Happy Friends

Dir: Paul Allen
Release: 2015
Running time: 3m 11 sec

Synopsis: Life’s a stage. And so is social media. When Claire checks her phone, her friends quite literally ‘pop up’ to tell her how good their lives are. She slowly gets more depressed, but maybe she’s part of the problem.

Format: DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD, AVI. Please discuss your needs with Paul. Password protected Vimeo link available on request.

Booking contact: Paul Allen: pallen33@gmail.com


Dir: Lauren Orme
Release: 2014
Running time: 2m

Synopsis: Animated poetry film for “Millionaire” by Mab Jones. Winner of Best Animation, Best Valentine and Best Overall Production at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2015. Screened at Glastonbury Festival 2015. One of 10 films shortlisted in the Southbank’s Shot through the Heart poetry film competition, as part of Poetry International 2014.

Format: Please discuss your needs with Lauren. Preview here.

Booking contact: Lauren Orme : laurenormefilms@gmail.com 07900 215 578

NSSAW Screen Gems:

Ding Dong

Dir: Tracy Spottiswoode
Release: 2001
Running time: 3 m 11 sec

Synopsis: An eccentric vicar (Phillip Madoc) comes up with an unusual solution for a wedding facing disaster but the bridesmaid has a plan to save the day, if she can get to the church on time. Set at St Catwg’s Church, Cadoxton, Barry.

Format: DVD. Other menu options available, please discuss with Elen.

Booking contact: Elen Jones – 01970 632828 / etj@llgc.org.uk


Line Engaged

Dir: Wayne Cater
Release: 2001
Running time: 3 m 36 sec

Synopsis: Barry (played by Drew Mulligan) is desperate to get married. He prepares his approach and practices his proposal in front of the mirror. The ring’s ready and he just needs to say the words…

Format: DVD. Other menu options available, please discuss with Elen.

Booking contact: Elen Jones – 01970 632828 / etj@llgc.org.uk

Three Big Words

Dir: Chris Buxton
Release: 2001
Running time: 3m 25 sec

Synopsis: Miles (played by Simon Ludders) is on his way to his girlfriend’s house with a bunch of flowers, to tell her that he loves her, when passers-by begin to follow him to question him and offer their advice.

Format: DVD. Other menu options available, please discuss with Elen.

Booking contact: Elen Jones – 01970 632828 / etj@llgc.org.uk

S4C Classics:

Solomon a Gaenor

Dir: Paul Morrison
Release: 1999
Running time: 105 minutes

Synopsis: Oscar nominated film starring Ioan Gruffudd and Nia Roberts in the title roles.
It’s the story of two lovers whose relationship crosses religious and social divides in a Valleys’ community in the early nineteenth century. The film also stars Maureen Lipman and David Horovitch as Solomon’s parents and William Thomas and Sue Jones Davies as Gaenor’s parents.

Ffilm a enwebwyd am Oscar gydag Ioan Gruffudd a Nia Roberts yn chwarae’r prif rannau. Stori serch yw hi lle mae perthynas y cariadon yn croesi rhaniadau crefyddol a chymdeithasol mewn cymuned yng Nghymoedd y De ar ddechrau’r 19eg ganrif.  Maureen Lipman a David Horovitch sy’n chwarae rhieni’r Iddew, Solomon gyda William Thomas a Sue Jones Davies yn chwarae rhieni Gaenor.

Format: Please check with booking contact.

Booking contact: Park Circus. Mark Truesdale – mark@parkcircus.com

Rhosyn a Rhith / Coming up Roses

Dir: Stephen Bayly
Release: 1986
Running time: 93 minutes

Synopsis: An award-winning comedy film set in a depressed town in the South Wales Valleys. When the local cinema is closed down, the former projectionist, plagued by money problems, devises an ingenious plan to make money.

Ffilm  sydd wedi’i lleoli yn y Cymoedd- mae’n adrodd hanes cynllun craff un dyn i wneud arian. Mae Trefor yn gaeth i’w fagwraeth dlawd yn un o gymoedd dirwasgedig Cymru. Pan fo sinema’r pentref yn cau mae’r taflunydd di-waith mewn cyfyngder ariannol. I oresgyn y broblem, benthyca Trefor arian oddi wrth Eli, ar yr amod y bydd yn talu am ei hangladd os bydd Eli yn marw cyn i Trefor ei had- dalu.

Format: Limited digi beta and dvd copies available

Booking contact: S4C. Please contact Film Hub Wales here.

Hedd Wyn

Dir: Paul Turner
Release: 1992
Running time: 123 minutes

Synopsis: Oscar-nominated film starring Huw Garmon in the title role. Poetry was Ellis Evans’ passion and his life’s ambition was to be chaired at a National Eisteddfod. He achieved this at the Birkenhead Eisteddfod of 1917. Unfortunately, he never knew of his success as he was fighting the Germans in the trenches of Ypres, where he died during his first day on the Western Front.

Cyfle arall i weld y ffilm a enwebwyd am Oscar gyda Huw Garmon yn y brif ran.Barddoniaeth oedd angerdd mawr bywyd Ellis Evans, a’i brif uchelgais oedd ennill cadair yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol. Llwyddodd i wneud hynny yn Eisteddfod Penbedw 1917. Yn anffodus, ni ddaeth i wybod am ei lwyddiant; roedd e’n ymladd yn erbyn yr Almaenwyr yn Ypres a bu farw ar ei ddiwrnod cyntaf ar y Ffrynt Gorllewinol. Dyma stori Ellis Evans, un o feirdd enwocaf Cymru.

Format: Digit Beta or DVD (please confirm with S4C).

Booking contact: S4C. Please contact Film Hub Wales here.

Ffilm Cymru Wales Titles:

Alfred & Jakobine (doc)

Dir: Jonathan Howells
Release: 2014
Running time: 70 minutes

Synopsis: In the summer of 1955, Alfred and Jakobine were crazy for adventure and each other. They married as impetuously as they decided to drive around the world in a beat up London taxicab. Their love, like their trip, was defined by passion, brushes with death and even stardom. Jakobine was certain they’d last forever—but without warning, Alfred left, breaking her heart. Forty years later, their son Niels takes up their story when, at 84, Alfred decides to restore that old wreck of a car and head across America to see Jakobine one more time. A trove of beautiful archival footage and emotional recollections guide Niels’ tender but pressing need to reconcile the man he never really knew and the love his mother never forgot. Thoroughly engaging, Alfred and Jakobine is a beautifully crafted love letter to four decades of heartache, two unforgettable characters and one extraordinary past.

Format: Please check with booking contacts (below)

Booking contact: cat@elfinproductions.com / rob@fletcherwilson.com


Dir: Richard Ayoade
Release: 2010
Running time: 97 minutes

Synopsis: 15-year-old Oliver Tate has two objectives: To lose his virginity before his next birthday, and to extinguish the flame between his mother and an ex-lover who has resurfaced in her life.

Format: Please check with Optimum
Booking contact: Optimum – info@optimumreleasing.com


Dir: Amit Gupta
Release: 2011
Running time: 92 minutes

Synopsis: In 1944 a group of women in an isolated Welsh village wake up to discover all of their husbands have mysteriously vanished.

Format: Please check with Metrodome

Booking contact: Metrodome bookings@metrodomegroup.com

Kelly & Victor

Dir: Kieran Evans
Release: 2012
Running time: 95 minutes

Synopsis: Kelly + Victor is a haunting, candid depiction of a young couple embarking on a passionate and transgressive love affair, from the acclaimed novel by Niall Griffiths.
When Kelly (Antonia Campbell-Hughes – ‘Bright Star’) meets Victor (Julian Morris – ‘24’, ‘Once Upon a Time’) on the dance floor of a Liverpool nightclub, the attraction is instant. After wandering through the night they find themselves at her flat, making love with a passion and urgency that neither had experienced before. Both Kelly and Victor are struggling to get by as best they can, while the people around them are choosing illegal lifestyles; she is escaping a brutish former lover, while he is being dragged into a world of drugs.  It’s when they make love that their darker instincts take over.

Format: Please check with Verve

Booking contact: Verve Pictures – colin@vervepics.com / bill@vervepics.com

LOVE Bites – LGBT short films from the Iris Prize Archive

LOVE Bites – LGBT short films from the Iris Prize Archive

A selection of LGBT short films celebrating LOVE from the Iris Prize archive of 250 titles. The key themes covered include: Coming out, Forbidden LOVE and Illegal LOVE. The best love stories have a timeless quality, but any history of romance on screen must reflect the transformations wrought by the sexual revolution and the progress of LGBT rights, which fundamentally question and update our notions of romantic love.

See the full LOVE Bites package here.

Format: Digital files, DVD or DCP

Booking contact: jamie@irisprize.org The films are available FREE of charge.