Welsh Animation Shorts



A short beautifuly animated film by Annie Jenkins about the journey of an origami boat through the Welsh countryside as it follows the River Teifi to the open sea. The magical adventure takes us from the trickling source through rapids and calm waters. We meet various wildlife and see ghostly images of the flame breathing dragon. We experience the four seasons and reflect on memories of  bygone days during this enthralling journey.  As our boat emerges at the open sea it is joined by hundreds of similar boats going to…. who knows….The film has a magical atmosphere created through an experience of colour, texture and scenic design. The narrative is written and performed by the poet Dic Jones.




The adventures of Superted and the Planet Spot.


GELERT [2007]

S4C’s animated film tells the legend of Welsh prince Llywelyn and his faithful dog, Gelert.  Llywelyn wrongly believed that his dog had killed his young son and plunged his sword into Gelert’s side.  He was soon to regret his action. This animated feature film for all the family is a tale of loyalty, friendship, anger and impulse.

RUNNING TIME: 1 x 30’00”

Siapo Lan (Body Beautiful) [1990] 

Animated film by Joanna Quinn. Beryl and her friends work in a Japanese factory in Wales. She is overweight and consequently ridiculed remorselessly by macho supervisor, Vince, who is the bane of her life. However the time comes for Beryl to get even.


Also available to book via Film Hub Wales is a Jerry the Tyke event, Wales’ oldest animated cartoon character:

  • Costs are subject to the number of shows booked, plus travel costs.
  • FHW are able to offer subsidy towards some of the costs but there may be a charge.
  • Please email Hana Lewis if you’re interested.

JERRY THE TYKE (screening/performance + workshop)


Jerry is introduced to a brand new audience in this zany production from Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch, with an electrifying musical score, composed and played live by Simon Lovatt.

Jerry’s mischief and Mr Lovatt’s musical trickery combine to make an exciting, fast moving and hilarious show. Produced by Arad Goch Theatre Company, with the co-operation of the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales, the organisation create and present theatre for families and young audiences all over Wales and abroad.


These films are covered by our Made In Wales strategy, which means if you are a Welsh exhibitor you may be eligible to submit a proposal for support. For more information click here


Welsh animation shorts available to book from S4C

  • All shorts are available in DVD or digibeta copies.
  • Welsh language (no English subtitles)
  • S4C need 4-6 weeks notice before screenings.
  • Booking contact: Jen Pappas – Jen.Pappas@s4c.cymru
  • If showing FREE of charge at your venue, there will be no booking fee subject to you [the venue] holding relevant licences [PRS and PPL] and providing S4C and the relevant production company with an acknowledgement.
  • Where venues are making a charge for screening, there will be a charge of £150+VAT or 35% of net profit [whichever is greater].