Cardiff Animation Festival on Tour – Welsh Work 2023/24

The Cardiff Animation Festival (CAF) team will be traveling across Wales with a brand new touring programme featuring animated short films made in Wales.

The programme includes animated short films produced by Welsh or Wales based filmmakers including recorded Q+As with the filmmakers to give audiences a chance to go behind the scenes and learn how the films were made!

  • Dates: Available to book between October 2023 and May 2024. 
  • Terms: CAF are offering the programme at no cost to book and require no box office split. CAF, via Film Hub Wales funds will cover the minimum guarantee to the rights holders. Marketing support from CAF will also be available.

Target Audience: 

  • Rated 15+ 
  • Animation fans, creative industries professionals, artists and creative hobbyists
  • Young adult audiences (18-35)
  • The short films and Q+As are captioned 


  • CAF will provide marketing materials including posters, film stills, trailers and social media copy.
  • Quads and pin badges would be supplied directly from CAF (on request).
  • CAF can supply Animation frames (for audiences to colour in), that will form part of a collaborative animation (please contact CAF for more details). 

The programme:

  • Running time: The programme is approximately 95 mins.
  • Format:  The shorts, recorded Q+As and trailer can be provided on DCP, .mp4/.mov or DVD.


Director: Jennifer Alice Wright
Country: Denmark
Time: 7 mins

Ranger Megan Patel must uncover the mystery surrounding her brother’s death. But following his footsteps, Megan discovers a darkness she might not escape.


Director: Shwan Nosratpour
Country: UK
Time: 13 mins

Journey back through the mysterious mists of time on an adventure with three bungling druids, a mischievous squirrel and a psychedelic chicken as they try to restore the balance of nature after a bizarre astrological event threatens to change their world forever.


Director: Dani Abram
Country: UK
Time: 1 min

A short film about dancing vegetables… made in 48 hours for Cardiff Quick Draw!


Director: Nayomi Hewa
Country: UK
Time: 2 mins

This non-story driven film focuses on 5 unique cats, who behaves in their own little world.


Director: Robert Brown
Country: UK
Time: 2 mins

A clown dreams of being a Circus performer, but soon learns that practice makes perfect!


Director: Daniel Gray
Country: Canada, France, Hungary
Time: 7 mins

Two brothers are playing hide and seek. One of them finds the perfect hiding spot… and never comes out. Life carries on outside.


Director: Bethan Hughes, Bryony Evans
Country: UK
Time: 8 mins

A wounded warrior returns to their village only to be hunted by a pack of mysterious dogs. After a desperate pursuit, they must confront their past to find peace in their future.


Director: Josh Hicks
Country: UK
Time: 11 mins

A conspiracy comedy about crisps, starring Craig Roberts and Bill Nighy.


Director: Efa Blosse Mason, Sophie Marsh
Country: UK
Time: 1 min

‘Blooming’ is a stop-motion animation film. ‘Blooming’ uses fleshy plaster-scene to invite the viewer to look at the world from a plant’s eye view. This playful film is a celebration of desire and pleasure.


Director: James Nutting
Country: UK
Time: 1 min

Margo Monroe is the star of the show. She is large and in charge. All apart from her one weakness, her big, fluffy, cheeky, ginger tom cat Marmalade, and Marmalade is missing!

If you’re an exhibitor in Wales and would like to screen this diverse animation programme for your audience please contact: