Angel of Death


Samantha and her husband Richard have recently lost their baby, destroying their dreams of a family. Their relationship grows weaker as Samantha cannot accept what has happened and spirals into a state of psychosis where she finds it difficult to differentiate between dream and reality. Haunted by the Angel of Death from a storybook she loses sight of reality as her denial fuels her hallucinations. The films narrative runs parallel with the plot of the storybook. In the beginning she believes her son is still alive which quickly turns into a suspicion that he has been kidnapped and Richard has something to do with his disappearance. The story builds to a dramatic climax of forced realization and ultimate denial when she comes face to face with the Angel of Death.


Production Company: University of South Wales


Director: Bethany Tennant
Producer: Natasha Lamborn, Shannon McCourt
Writer: Natasha Lamborn, Bethany Tennant
Cast: Lorna Amy Sullivan, Richard Militadis, Noah Dewi Huxter, Edward Mills


Length: 15
Language: English
Format: Check with rights holder
Cert: Check with rights holder


Date: 2015

Rights / Contact: University of South Wales