Diversity & Inclusion: Useful resources from across the web.

Useful resources from across the web:

Inclusive Cinema

Inclusive Cinema

Inclusive Cinema is a UK-wide project developed by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), led by Film Hub Wales, designed to support screen exhibitors.


The F-Rating is a film classification developed by Holly Tarquini at FilmBath in 2014. Any film which is written/or directed by a woman recieves the classification. The system has been adopted by Chapter and WoW Film Festival.

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Developing Deaf Audiences For Film 

The ICO and BFI FAN have put together a collection of resources for developing deaf audiences for film.

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Trans*Form Cymru tool kit and charter

Trans*Form Cymru tool kit and charter

In 2014, Film Hub Wales organised a Transgender Awareness Session, with Equiversal, to raise awareness and understanding of the issues facing transpeople in both employment and access to services.