Sustainability Seminars 2017 (Moviola)

Moviola is a nationwide community cinema organisation with many members in Wales. In July 2017 they ran six Sustainability Seminars across the UK, with the aim to collect experiences and ideas to inform a Sustainability Action Plan and a ‘Good Practice in the Moviola Family Guide’ to distribute across their network.

Film Hub Wales supported a seminar in Wales at Llanfair Kilgeddin Village Hall. Here are Moviola’s Phill Walkley highlights from the seminars:

“Headline figures can disguise a wide variation in the performance of venues – an average of 51 people per show. One fascinating finding is that there is no correlation between the size of a community and the size of audience attracted by its community cinema.  A wide range of other critical success factors are in play.”

“The main aim of the seminars was to compile a Sustainability Action Plan that could be used by individual venues to build their audiences and hence their long term sustainability. The success of this would have a knock-on effect in Moviola’s relationship with film distributors. The smaller distributors themselves have issues of sustainability. Thus sustainability has a much greater reach in its importance than just the simple issue of numbers at shows.”

“Sustainability can be broken down into three categories: Finance, Human Resources, and Audience and Film Industry”.

        Representatives from community cinemas in Radyr, Llanfair Kilgeddin, Llancarfan, Penallt, Usk, Cowbridge and The Narth were in attendance. The day was rated 5* for usefulness.


                             To read the findings click on the links below or contact Moviola:

Strengths Of Community Cinema

Issues Facing Community Cinemas

46 Ways To Improve Your Community Cinema​




Great to have the opportunity to meet others and swap ideas and problems.

Moviola Sustainability Seminar Attendee

Very useful event – would like these to be a regular thing – perhaps once a year.

Moviola Sustainability Seminar Attendee

Having screened movies for many years, the meeting was good to find out how the ‘industry’ is growing.

Moviola Sustainability Seminar Attendee

Presentation and audience contributions during sessions and lunch brought forth many ideas for future way ahead for our village film screenings.

Moviola Sustainability Seminar Attendee

Great depth of knowledge and resourcefulness from Phill.  Lots of help on specific issues.  Thank you.

Moviola Sustainability Seminar Attendee
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