Year of Indigenous Languages 2019

Development. Peace building. Reconciliation.

This project has now ended but you can still find programming inspiration and resources below, including the aims of the project and screenings that took place across Wales.

Development. Peace building. Reconciliation.

Languages play a crucial role in the daily lives of people, not only as a tool for communication, education, social integration and development but also as a repository for each person’s unique identity, cultural history, traditions and memory. Despite their immense value, languages around the world continue to disappear at an alarming rate.

With this in mind the United nations declared 2019 the Year of Indigenous languages (IYIL2019) in order to raise awareness for those who speak the languages but also for others to appreciate the important contribution they make to our world’s rich cultural history.

In celebration of IYIL2019, we’ve put together a list of films that aim to raise the international profile of the Welsh language along with the languages of some of the largest international communities that form our audiences in Wales.

Read our IYIL2019 pack to find out about available support.

Once you have your idea, all you need to do is get in touch by email to and tell us:

  • Your proposed screening/event date,
  • Projected audience numbers,
  • Any special event plans,
  • Your marketing ideas,
  • Costs you need help with,
  • What match you can offer (box office/in-kind time etc). 20-50% guideline.