Developing d/Deaf Audiences

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In partnership with the Wales Council for Deaf People (WCDP), Film Hub Wales held a training session in January 2022 with a group of Welsh exhibitors.

This was an online session led by Charles and Gaye Hampton of the WCDP with Toki Allison (who led our Inclusive Cinema project) and Charlotte Little (Access Consultant) to support a sample group of venues to start or improve their film screenings for d/Deaf audiences.

Explore resources from our online session and find out how you can access funding to support your screening plans for d/Deaf audiences.

Contact Details:
Gaye Hampton, Active Inclusion Project Co-ordinator email Gaye.
Charles Hampton II, BSL & Communication Tutor – email Charles.

About the Wales Council for Deaf People:
WCDP is the Welsh national charitable organisation for people who are Deaf, Deafened, Deafblind and hard of hearing, founded in 1950, they are an umbrella association of organisations. They believe there should be equal access for all and are constantly striving to improve the lives of the D/deaf community. Providing support, advice, communication and services which helps enable them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. As such, they carry out activities which contribute to developing services in the area of education, employment, campaigning, relief of social isolation and associated medical issues. They operate a list of core activities as determined by their members, including voluntary group development and support, communication support services, information and advice, hearing related training initiatives (BSL, Deaf awareness & Lip-reading courses) and BSL Media production.

About Charles Hampton II:
Charles delivers training courses for WCDP including Deaf & Deafblind Awareness, and sign language levels 1 – 6. Charles is profoundly deaf and committed to improving communication and access for all D/deaf and Disabled people.

Charles also runs his own business CHIIC-Sign Language Studies Centre, along with his wife, which provides a range of training and consultancy services on D/deaf, DeafBlind and Disability issues, the centre is based in South Wales but covers all of the UK. The centre also trains students to interpreter and translator level.

Charles’ other experience includes:

  • Chairperson of the action group for the Face to Face centre in Newport. Their role is to ensure full access for all disabilities at Newport’s new “One” Centre.
  • Over 10 years with Social Services as a Care Manager within the Sensory Impairment Team, working with children, vulnerable adults and in mental health.
  • Advising the Police, Solicitors and individuals in relation to legal matters involving D/deaf people.
  • Qualified in AQA, IQA, RSLT teaching Sign Language for over 30 years.
  • Professional Deaf Entertainment having done Sign Song Performances with Tours all over the UK and Europe including TV appearances.
  • Disability Cabaret – delivering a Professional Storytelling Tour of Scotland.
  • Set up & co-ordination of the “Isle of Wight Deaf Project” for underprivileged Deaf youngsters, through sports and outdoor pursuits.

About Gaye Hampton:
Gaye runs an Active Inclusion project for Deaf & Hard of Hearing people for WCDP, which spans 11 counties in South East & West Wales.

Gaye grew up living with their Grandmother and Great Grandmother, both of who were Deaf and used sign language. Gaye lost hearing after contracting measles at age 7 and mumps at age 13. Gaye has overcome many obstacles in life linked to deafness and believes that this has given her a very strong “can do” attitude.

Gaye has been involved in one of the 1st programmes to develop Deaf people to become interpreters in their own right. With the full support of ASLI – Association of Sign Language Interpreters – allowing Deaf people to obtain full qualifications and be treated on an equal level with hearing counterparts. This has improved access for the majority of Deaf people through television, theatre, doctor’s surgeries etc. allowing them the choice to select a hearing or Deaf interpreter.

Gaye is a qualified RSLT; RSLI; member of ASLI; NRCPD ID: 1012597
PG Dip; AQA; IQA; Consultant; Lecturer; Tutor.

Gaye’s experience also includes:

  • Working for RNID as an employment project officer, dealing with the discrimination towards Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Employment, Training and Education, as well as social venues.
  • “Signature” who are the National Awarding Body for all Deaf related qualifications, including creating and amending qualification specifications,
  • Running her own business CHIIC-Sign Language Studies Centre, along with her husband, which provides a range of training and consultancy services on D/deaf, DeafBlind and Disability issues.

Training video:
The full training video is available to watch for members who wish to apply for funding support from FHW, or have plans to develop programmes for d/Deaf audiences. Please contact us for more information.

An introduction to Deafblind Awareness in cinemas handout from WCDP will also be supplied.

Watch a clip from the training video here.

Resources to download:

Top Tips for Deablind Awareness in Cinemas Handout

WCDP Communication Tactics

Contact Details:
Charlotte Little, Access Consultant – email Charlotte.

About Charlotte:
Charlotte Little is a deafblind access consultant, working with cinemas, festivals, and organisations on improving access and inclusion for Deaf and Disabled audiences. Charlotte is the founder of Caption This Cinema – a pop-up dedicated to inclusive cinema experiences. Charlotte also writes about disability in film. You can find out more about her work through her website

Video resource:

Deafblind curation by Charlotte Little

Contact Details:
The Inclusive Cinema Project has now come to and end. Please contact your local Hub for advice. 

About Toki:
Toki worked on the Inclusive Cinema project, led by Film Hub Wales, in collaboration with all the UK film hubs to support a more inclusive approach to building audiences. She launched in 2018, a digital resource collating a wealth of resources, case studies and data around marginalised groups, which aims to help exhibitors in diversifying their audiences. She worked on campaigns driving better access to cinema for audiences marginalised by race, disability, age, gender, sexuality, socio-economic status, and fundraises and advocates for access for all. She also freelances in cinema and arts programming and audience development, as well as consulting on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Resources to download:

Guide to Subtitling, BSL and Audio Description Services

Sidecard Access Materials Database

We have a small number of bursaries available annually that can help to Film Hub Wales members to improve provision for d/Deaf audiences.

Funding can contribute towards the establishment of d/Deaf led volunteer groups, outreach to d/Deaf clubs, plus  programming and / or marketing adjustments. Partners will be introduced to WCDP to support programme development. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

Find a range of resources designed to support your work with d/Deaf audiences, including a list of national organisations, on the Inclusive Cinema