"Cinema belongs to all of us."

Film Hub Wales (FHW) aims to bring more films, to more people, in more places around Wales. We are one of eight Film Hubs around the UK formed in 2013 as part of the ground-breaking BFI Film Audience Network (FAN)

If your organisation screens British or international film to public audiences, or plans to start, then discover how we can help.

Join the Hub:

If your organisation screens film to public audiences, or plans to start and you want to broaden the range of films available, then our (free) Hub membership could help.

What our members say...

“If you want to get into the industry and have no idea how, this is honestly the best way. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Lacey Small - Wicked Young Programmer

“I would never have screened a Welsh language film without the Hub’s support because [this] isn’t a Welsh language speaking area. We undertook surveys to see what percentage of the audience were Welsh speaking and that’s something we never would have done […] It was the support from the Film Hub that got that going effectively.”


“Screening Scratch and Sniff Matilda was a joy. Our audience loved it and the whole process was made easy and fun for us, the organisers too. The information package was very detailed and easy to follow and we got the impression that the Film Hub Wales team had a great time creating it and all the beautiful accompanying artwork”

FAN Member

“If there was a film with a Welsh focus I would absolutely jump at working with Film Hub Wales again […] They were very open, they were very communicative (…) and it makes it much easier to have a conversation when people do that, to see what the vision is and how you can pair up.”


“Running a cinema can, ironically, be quite an insular experience and the existence of the Hub is essential in providing help, vision and support and this resource should never be under appreciated - we do really rely on this agency existing and flourishing”


“Outstanding supportive organisation- great network to be part of”

Chapter are proud to be the Film Hub Lead Organisation for Wales.