Unicorns: The Whole Story

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Coming to UK cinemas from the 5th July 2024. A queer South Asian night club performer living a double life meets a young, single-father mechanic and sparks fly in this visually daring and heartfelt portrayal of modern masculinity.

Co-directed by Swansea born Sally El Hosaini (The Swimmers) and James Krishna Floyd. The film stars Ben Hardy, Hannah Onslow and Jason Patel.

To celebrate the UK release, we have created a Support Pack featuring exclusive video interviews with the directors, editorial in partnership with Buzz Magazine, programming recommendations and assets, all of which exhibitors can share with audiences to promote the film’s Welsh connections.

Set against a secretive London subculture, the film follows a queer performer living a double life and a single father working as a mechanic, whose lives collide after a chance encounter.

Welsh Connections

Director: Sally El Hosaini
Funding: Ffilm Cymru Wales


 Contact: rob@filmhubwales.org for a downloadable version of this video.

 Contact: rob@filmhubwales.org for a downloadable version of this video.

We recorded an audio only version of our video interview with Welsh director Sally El Hosaini and co-director James Krishna Floyd, for audiences interested in following the Made in Wales podcast.

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