Gwledd: The Whole Story

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To celebrate the release of Welsh horror film ‘Gwledd’ in August 2022, we commissioned a series of assets to support  cinemas screening the film.

Exhibitors have exclusive access to social quote cards, a creative essay detailing the film’s political message and an interview with writer Roger Williams and actress Annes Elwy. 

Find out more below:

Watch an exclusive clip from our interview with Roger Williams and Annes Elwy, led by Welsh horror writer Nia Morais. Film exhibitors can access the full interview and more clips.

Film Hub Wales have created a series of social quote cards to help exhibitors promote their screenings of Gwledd


Film Hub Wales commissioned freelance writer and researcher Rosie Couch to write about the political messages at the heart of Gwledd. Click below to read about how the film uses folk horror to talk about Wales’ holiday-home housing crisis, climate change and women’s connections to nature. 

Read and share ‘After you’ve taken everything, what will be left?’ below: