WWF Cymru

WWF Cymru

Working to make the case for a sustainable Wales for the benefit of future generations everywhere

Work with businesses

Today’s environmental emergency affects businesses too – from the impacts of climate change and water stress, to dwindling supplies of seafood and natural resources, to the reputational damage of being associated with wildlife extinctions and the destruction of our natural heritage.

Increasingly, people expect businesses to step up and help tackle social and environmental issues – and many are responding. A growing number of companies are demonstrating that it’s possible to use their business to make a positive contribution to society and our environment. In fact, it can be a business opportunity – a way of adding value to their brand, engaging consumers and employees and building trust while avoiding risks and securing their long-term viability.

WWF work constructively with businesses in a variety of ways – from forming strategic partnerships with shared goals, to campaigning together, engaging employees and inspiring customers.

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