Working Bilingually: Arts Council of Wales Resources

Working Bilingually Resource Pack

The Welsh language is a prominent feature in our society with research indicating that 86% of people in Wales feel proud of the language.

With the support of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office, the Arts Council of Wales have prepared a comprehensive new package of resources to promote bilingualism.

The pack’s aim is to increase the use of Welsh at arts venues and activities, create bilingual workplaces, and offer support to anyone in the arts world wishing to learn Welsh, improve their language skills or increase their confidence in speaking Welsh.

The new resources on the Arts Council of Wales website includes:

  • A questionnaire to gauge the level of bilingualism in an arts company’s work
  • Advice on developing bilingual activities and creating a bilingual workplace
  • An explanation of the legislation relating to the Welsh language
  • Information on creating a bilingual brand and identity
  • Guidance on accessing Welsh lessons or improve language skills