Wales On Film Education Resource (FHW)

Image: Letter from Wales (1953)

Film Hub Wales - Communities And Neighbourhoods Looking around LlanferresThe Wales on Film resource is based on films from the collection of The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales and presents activities around a range of  topics and themes suitable for Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4. The films are available as a separate DVD pack which can be ordered from (see resource for more details).

The films have been specially selected to reflect different parts of Wales, and to represent aspects of five key themes:

  • The World Of Work 
  • Communities and Neighborhoods
  • High Days and Holidays
  • School Days and Playtime
  • War and Peace

The genres of the selected films are typical of NSSAW’s wider collection, ranging from early actuality film, amateur and home movie productions, to promotional and advertising films, drama and documentary productions. The classroom activities described in the download include reference to curriculum subjects throughout, to show how they meet various subject crietria across a range of Key Stages.

We’ve included an excerpt from the resource below. Please email to receive your full copy.


You can also access an information sheet for exhibitors below, with terms and programming tips:

Wales On Film Archive Pack Instructions For Exhibitors