Victoria Hall

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Since their doors opened in 1905 the Victoria Hall has provided a great selection of performances & activities by many different artists & groups. Located in the heart of Lampeter, with a capacity of 500, it’s the perfect venue to enjoy a fantastic day or night out.

The venue has huge potential to facilitate all manner of activities, meetings and conferences either in the main hall with its stage and auditorium, the small hall with a kitchen or the two combined. This vintage hall is nestled in the heart of Lampeter and a short walk from public transport locations. Being completely flexible the hall also features a projector screen, stage and optional seating arrangements.

Since 2016, Transition Llambed (a branch of the Transition Network), together with Lampeter Permaculture Group (LPG) have been screening seasonal films of hope, raising awareness of Transition, climate change and permaculture. They held a popular showing of Demain (attended by 70 people) and in February 2019, the Extinction Rebellion film Rebel for Life that brought in a record-breaking 91 people for their event.
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