Magic Lantern Cinema

Film Hub Wales Member

Magic Lantern Cinema are a one-screen independent cinema in rural Wales which is open to the public 363 days a year. The nearest other cinema to them is over 30 miles away, so for many people they are the only access to seeing films on the big screen.

First built as the town assembly rooms, the Magic Lantern has been around since 1893. It was used for such noble pursuits as badminton practice and variety performances. The building has been operating as a cinema since 1919 (known then as The Assembly Cinema) and now boasts a state of the art Sony 4K digital projection system with Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

They like to keep their cinematic offer as diverse and inclusive as possible, keeping their programme lively and innovative to constantly attract new visitors – a policy that seems to work as they’ve increased their ticket sales by over 12,000 in 8 years.