Cardiff Mini Film Festival

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Born in 2012, The Cardiff Mini Film Festival believes that films can be made on very little or no budget, just pure hard work and dedication from the people involved. With this in mind they bring you a festival where money is not the key to a great film, if you are a student, low budget production company or are someone who makes films at home, then this festival is for you. No longer will your entry be obliterated by a big budget production company, if you have the skills to tell a story then you could be the winner of the next Cardiff Mini Film Festival.

All kinds of people come to the festival, from actors to musicians, as well as special guests from within the industry which in the past have included Boyd Clack (Twin Town, Satellite City, High Hopes), Kirsten Jones (Satellite City, High Hopes), Philip John (Being Human, Downton Abbey), Kevin Allen (Twin Town), Ryan Eddleston (Prevenge), S4C, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Creative Skillset, Cult Cymru and many more people to meet to discuss your career in the industry.

They also screen many special under distributed films in underused spaces such as bars and empty shops.They pride themselves on being a bit different and audiences can expect to be watching films in coffee shop vaults, an antiques market, funky bars or many other fantastic and unusual venues they can get their hands on.


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