Cardiff Animation Nights

Film Hub Wales Member

Cardiff Animation Nights are free bimonthly screenings of great animation from around the world at Kongs in the centre of Cardiff. They screen some of the best animated short films from the global animation festival circuit, giving people in Cardiff a chance to watch independent animation on the big screen and meet like-minded people.

To date they have screened over 400 animated films (from 34 different countries, across 6 different continents) at venues in Cardiff.

Cardiff Animation Nights is run by Lauren Orme, Christopher Wright, Ellys Donovan, Chris James, Laura Tofarides, Telor Gwyn, Josh Flynn and Adam Bailey, with help and support from numerous individuals and organisations from the animation community in Cardiff and further afield. Cardiff Animation Nights is supported by Cloth Cat Animation and by donations from their audiences.

​Cardiff Animation Nights is entirely volunteer-run, and wherever possible they try and keep all of their events free.


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