ICO I.D. Screening Day 2018 (Cinema Golau)

Yvonne Connike and Yasmin Begum from Cinema Golau attended the ICO’s I.D. Screening day, which focuses on diversity and inclusion. This is what they thought:

“This was an important event for my organisation’s development as we were able to talk about diversity, identity and programming in a safe space. We had a rare opportunity to connect with BAME programmers  from other of all level and specialisms and from other parts of the UK, as well as meeting up with my peers in Wales.

It was great to get the opportunity to speak with Gina Duncan and learn about her journey and experiences of creating and what she describes as a nimble, responsive and socially engaging programme for The BAM Centre in Brooklyn New York. Gina was very good at identifying new talent to work with and working as a team. The knowledge that Gina found success curating socially engaging films and this was welcomed by BAME audiences was inspiring and encouraging.

Having worked in the industry for a very long time I am aware that it is very easy to find yourself feeling lonely and isolated in your work. BAME practitioners are often marginalised. I feel we do not have the opportunities to experiment and make mistakes which is one of the reason meetups like this are so important. In one our many conversation, the subject of making funding applications was discussed. It became clear there need of an ecosystem of mentoring for new applications to come through the system.”

I came back with a stronger commitment to nurture  diverse, intersectional  intergenerational audiences and to build their confidence to become future programmers and activists and continue to provide space for growth and change.


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