Film Feels

Vertigo dir Alfred Hitchcock (Paramount, 1958)

Film Feels is an annual season of film screenings featuring events that respond to a theme developed collaboratively by exhibitors across the UK. Film Feels is led by Film Hub Midlands on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network, powered by National Lottery funding.

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Film Feels: Hopeful
June – August 2021

One year since a global pandemic closed our cinemas and restricted physical events, we have had time to reflect on our artform and its place in the community and the hearts of audiences. We have felt yearning for the big screen experience and the simple pleasures of being alone together in the dark. Simultaneously there have been seismic shifts in the industry and cinema, and so now we must reckon with how things were and what must change. The mood is apprehensive, but also hopeful – we can imagine new ways to amplify new stories, better serve all audiences, and enjoy the communal experience of film once again.

Film Feels returned in 2021, once again celebrating films’ unique ability to transport us, to illuminate ideas, and to spark a conversation – welcoming programmes and events that looked at films imbued with hope, dreams of the future, and new ways of reimagining film itself. With a particular emphasis on creating space for voices that don’t get heard in mainstream programming. Both in-venue, online, and hybrid proposals were welcomed

Funding (closed)

Funding up to £5,000 was available for organisations to present screenings and engagement activity as part of the season.

Applications could be made to any time before 11th June, decisions were made by June 2021

Activity could take place any time between 14th June – 31st August 2021

Funding conditions, eligibility and guidance are below.

Read Film Feels Hopeful Funding Guidelines

Film Feels: Connected
July – August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us apart physically, but cinemas and their audiences were still finding ways to come together, through watch parties, exclusive previews, tweetalongs and VOD/venue partnerships.

Film Feels Connected was a season designed to spotlight innovation across BFI FAN, to promote online activity during lockdown and to help cinemas, festivals and societies access support to try out new activity.

How to get involved (closed)

  • Tell the Film Feels team about your own events so they can list them on –  the audience-facing site where they’ll be promoting online activity across FAN and highlighting your events.
  • Apply for funding up to £1,500 to help enhance your event, put toward marketing or speaker costs, or cover tech and hosting fees.
  • Use the hashtag #filmfeels or #filmfeelsconnected to link to the season, or find other events taking place.

Funding (closed)

Major Programmes funding was available for costs up to £1,500 to help you try out new online activity.

Applications could be made to any time before 3 July 2020, decisions were made in two rounds, in the middle of June, and at the beginning of July 2020.

Activity could take place any time between June – August 2020.

Funding conditions, eligibility and guidance are below.

Read Film Feels Connected Funding Guidance


Browse the resources and articles here for information and inspiration to help you plan your own activity.

Film Feels: Obsession
June – July 2019

In Summer 2019 Film Feels explored all things Obsession. Film Feels: Obsession was an opportunity to explore cinematic obsessions- from auteurs to oddballs, imitation to identity theft, Stalkers to Stans – across genres, icons and subtext, giving your audiences enhanced experiences and critically engaged programming. Cinemas, festivals and arts producers were invited to present programmes, events and screenings as part of the season.

Funding (closed)

Major Programmes support was open to all FAN members who wanted to take part in the season, via tiered funding programmes.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) up to £15,000.
Support for ambitious projects, extended seasons and events. This funding opportunity closed on 26 April, due to high demand. 

Screening Support (up to £500)
Support for smaller-scale activity taking place between 1 June – 9 August. This fund closed on 5 July 2019.

Films you can book

The season was supported by a core booking menu of related titles, available to book for film screenings taking place through June and July 2019.  Click here for information.