Art of Action

Art of Action

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
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A new UK-wide season from BFI FAN

Police Story Trilogy
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An action-packed journey through cinema

Run Lola Run
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BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) is proud to unveil a new UK-wide season – Art of Action – celebrating the artistry of real action choreography that’s kept audiences on the edge of their seats since the early days of cinema.

Conceived by FAN and delivered in partnership with BFI, Art of Action offers an action-packed journey through cinema from the jaw-dropping stunts of silent cinema pioneers via the daredevil ethos of Hong Kong filmmaking to today’s intricate dynamic visual choreography.

Art of Action will explore the cinematic artistry, skill and craft involved in creating iconic sequences and films, as well as engage with the historic roots and cross-cultural influences of action cinema. You can also expect behind-the-scenes insights into the daring and ground-breaking world of the film action community and opportunities for the next generation of creatives.

Backed by a UK-wide Press and marketing campaign and a central listing platform, the season will have a broad audience appeal.

We are now inviting cinemas, festivals and multi arts & media organisations to present seasons, events and screenings that celebrate the art of action and the stunt community since the invention of cinema.


Period of activity:

  • The bulk of the season takes place October – December 2024.
  • Note that the Menu titles can be booked / screened until January 2025.

Key dates:

  • Final deadline for Bespoke and Cross FAN Proposals5pm, Friday 21st June 2024. Decisions made: Monday 15th July 2024.
  • Menu proposals can be submitted until Monday 30th September 2024.
  • BFI Full Programme announcement: early August 2024.

You must be a member of Film Hub Wales to access support from this programme. If you are not a member, you can sign-up here.

If you have any queries about how to submit your application, please email

  • Menu: Up to £500 (£125 per film). Pick from the menu of key titles from assorted distributors in the UK and access support for enhanced activities and audience development. Please note: this funding is not to cover minimum guarantees.
  • Bespoke: Up to £15,000 (average awards likely to be circa £5,000) to develop bespoke projects within the parameters of the Creative Brief.
  • Cross-FAN (programmes that cover multiple BFI FAN regions): Up to £15,000. To develop a programme and/or Marketing/Outreach Activity with the potential to scale or tour across the UK and/or projects involving multiple site-specific events across the UK. Read the Funding Guidelines for more information and guidance.

Please note that the online application process cannot be saved mid-progress. Templates of the Application Form and Budget for Bespoke and Cross-FAN activity can be found below to help you plan your application:

Click here to submit your application online

BFI Access Support scheme

  • If you have access requirements that mean you need assistance with the process, you may be able to benefit from the BFI Access Support scheme.