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It’s been years since STEF last left her house. The loss of her brother combined with the quiet dread of the unknown conspiring to keep her inside. When her brother Liam’s best friend, EVAN, arrives to give Liam’s journal to Stef, sparks fly. However, when Stef and Evan start to unpack their shared trauma, they question if their relationship can ever break free from its confines?

Genre: Drama

Welsh Connections

Location: Chartist Caves, Powys and Brecon Beacons
Cast: Kate Morgan-Jones, Alan Emrys, and Cari Barley
Funding: BFI Network

Production Details

Director / Producer: Keith Kopp
Executive Producers: Robin Mukherjee and Karen Kopp
Writer: Laurence Guy

Technical Details

Length: 85 minutes
Language: English, Welsh
Certificate: 15
Accessibility: English Subtitles


Date: June 2nd 2023

Rightsholder / Booking contact: Keith Kopp