The Welshman

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The story of an impassioned young man who, frustrated by the impending building of a reservoir to serve the industry of Merseyside, finally decides to take action when the construction threatens the loss of a small mountain community. Although the story of Cofiwch Dryweryn has been told many times, this is a film like no other. It delves beyond and captures the heart of its audience. With an all access personal account from Owain Williams, the audience will be submerged into the ripple effects of one man’s actions. Tryweryn was merely a starting point into Owain Williams’ journey as the true welshman.

Welsh Connections/Production Details

Director: Lindsay Walker
Producer: Enlli Fychan Owain,
David Railton
Story: is about Owain Williams
Location: Filmed in Wales

Technical Details

Length: 38 mins
Format: DVD, MP4
Language: English
Certificate: 12


Date: 19th March 2021


Rights: Lindsay Walker