The Colour Room


In the grey industrial midlands of the 1920s, imaginative young factory worker Clarice Cliff defies expectation and circumstance to become a trailblazer of Art deco.

Genre: Heritage drama

Welsh Connections

Writer: Claire Peate (film based on the book of the same name)
Development funding from Ffilm Cymru Wales

Production Details

Director: Claire McCarthy
Producers: Thembisa Cochrane, Georgie Paget
Cinematographer: Denson Baker
Hair & Make-Up: Designer Veronica McAleer
Costume Designer: Anushia Nieradzik
Editor: Hoping Chen
Composer: Nitin Sawhney
Cast: Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton) , Matthew Goode (The Imitation Game), David Morrisey (Hilary and Jackie), Kerry Fox (Rare Beasts), Luke Norris (Poldark), Darci Shaw (Judy)

Technical Details

Length: TBC
Format: DCP, MOV / MP4
Language: English
Certificate: PG


  • Date: 14th November 2021


Distributor: Sky Cinema