Selwyn’s Lucky Day


A string of mishaps, accidents and absurd occurrences pave the way for a luckless down-trodden Selwyn to experience what turns out to be the most fortunate day of his life.

From the opening images of a hefty naked man chasing a bleating sheep across a field under a full moon in Abertaf, this drawn animation manipulates the stereotype and delivers an appealing story about an accident-prone unemployed miner from the Valleys winning through against all the many and various odds. Selwyn is voiced by actor Boyd Clack and the backgrounds were provided by Gren (cartoonist Grenfell Jones, 1934-2007). It is sheer delight from start to finish.Produced as part of the ‘Animate It!’ series, supported by S4C and Sgrîn – Media Agency for Wales.


Director : Andrew Peters & Nic Howell
Writer: Andrew Peters
Producer: Andrew Peters
Cast: Boyd Clack, Ri Richards, Sabina Fisher, Phil Harries


Length: 08 minutes
Language: English
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Cert: Un-certified


Date: 2002

Rights : NSSAW

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