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A guerrilla film crew witness a gangland murder and have to use their film making skills as weapons to defend themselves from a similar fate. Trapped in a building rigged for demolition, they need to find a way out by dawn

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller

Welsh Connections

Directed / Written by: Marc Price
Cast: Nick Aaron, Richard Corgan
Filming Location: Swansea
Audiovisual Effects: Justin Hayes

Production Details

Producer: Michelle Parkyn
Cast: Jean-Paul Ly, Rosanna Hoult, Adam McNab Nicky Evan
DOP: Tom Barker
Music: Adam Langston
Makeup and Atmospherics: Lea James

Technical Details

Length: 100 minutes
Language: English
Certificate: 18
Format: DCP, BlU-RAY, DVD, MOV/MP4


Date: 2019

  • Raindance (nominated for Best British Feature)
  • Leeds International Film Festival
  • Mayhem Film Festival
  • Toronto After Dark Film Festival (winner Best Action Feature, Best Fight)
  • Thriller Chiller Film Festival (winner Best Action Feature)

Rightsholder: Dead Pixel Productions