A Frequency At Lavernock / Amledd Yn Larnog

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The ghost of the Captain’s Wife haunts the coast at Lavernock, fated to re-enact a tragic event from long ago. At the same site the first ever wireless message across sea was transmitted in Morse Code by Guglielmo Marconi in 1897. Here lie the remains of dinosaurs, shipwrecks and those who lost their lives trying to reach safe haven. Lavernock is a place layered with history and legend and more than a bit of magic.

This is the first ever 360VR film in Welsh and English

Genre: Short, VR

Welsh Connections

Director / Producer / Writer: Tracy Spottiswoode
Cast: Mary-Anne Roberts, Marega Palser, Gareth Clark
Location: Lavernock Point, near Penarth
Funding: Arts Council of Wales
Narrative: This piece was created especially for the site at Lavernock Point and inspired by its history, mythology and geography, specifically the ghost stories of that area and the sending of the first ever wireless message across water by Guglielmo Marconi in 1897.

Production Details

Sound Design and Composer: Marie Tueje

Technical Details

Length: 8mins 15secs
Language: English and Welsh
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: MOV/MP4*
Accessibility: English and Welsh subtitles

*The film must be viewed on VR headsets and can be provided pre-loaded onto 3 Oculus Go headsets


Date: 2022



  • Fishguard Festival (2022)

Rightsholder: Living Doll Ltd
Booking Contact: tracyspottiswoode@gmail.com