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A critically acclaimed, compelling, complex, thought-provoking and harsh brutal thriller based on the true stories of migrants on the ‘Balkan route’ into Europe. Kamal has fled Iraq to try to enter “Fortress Europe”. At the Turkish-Bulgarian border, local mercenaries are ruthlessly hunting down migrants. Alone in the forest, Kamal has three days to escape.

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Production Details

Director: Haider Rashid
Writers: Haider Rashid and Sonia Giannetto
Starring: Adam Ali

Technical Details

Length: 1hr 15mins
Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, English
Certificate: TBC
Format: DCP, DVD and Blu-ray


  • Date: 18th March 2022


  • World Premiere, Cannes (2021)
  • UK Premiere, Edinburgh International Film Festival (2021)

DistributorBulldog Film