Dawns y Ceirw (Deer Dance)


Carw had never ventured beyond his familiar habitat before, and he wondered if being drawn by the light towards the forest was such a good idea after all. But the bright little lights danced around him, inviting him to continue.

“Come, come, Carw! Have faith in us!” was the the refrain that rustled in the wind.

“I will come with you, but will you protect me along the way?”

“We will protect you every step of the way, Carw. Be in no doubt of that.”

As the path lead deeper into the forest, Carw began to feel anxious. Owls swirled around his head and he stumbled over a spider’s web. He stood up, but the little bright lights were nowhere to be seen.

“ Where are you? I was relying on you!”

Genre: Short, Musical, Animation, Fantasy


Director: Casi Wyn & Efa Blosse-Mason
Animator: Efa Blosse-Mason & Lila Babington
Composer: Casi Wyn
Arranger: Owain Llwyd
Producer: Griff Lynch
Production Company: Kreu Media


Length: 4 mins 20secs
Language: Welsh
Certificate: U
Format: MOV, MP4


Date: 24th December 2020

Distributor: S4C
Contact: griff@kreumedia.com