Adra Ni Y Môr (Our Home The Sea)

© Mared Rees
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Lara has built a life for her and her daughter, Magi, with the sea at its heart, lived and explored in their mother tongue. But as external forces push them ever closer to danger, their world begins to crumble around them.

Welsh Connections

Director / Producer / Writer: Mared Rees
Cast: Mared Rees, Marged Mair, Sian Reese-Williams
Location: Morfa Nefyn & Nefyn
Funding: Comissioned by WOW Film Festival
Story: The film is set in the context of the Welsh second homes crisis, and climate change driven coastal erosion on the North Welsh coast. It explores, through the protagonist’s crisis of identity, an experience of fear surrounding a loss of Welsh language.

Technical Details

Length: 10 minutes 19 seconds
Language: Welsh
Certificate: Uncertified
Format: MOV/MP4
Accessibility: English subtitles


Date: 29th March 2023 (Premiere at WOW Film Festival)

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