1 – 30 September 2015

Scalarama in an international celebration of cinema, an inclusive film season across September that has involved over 400 film exhibitors since its beginning. Now in its fifth year and supported by the BFI’s Programming Development Fund, Scalarama is changing, becoming even more grassroots and truly a DIY film season where anyone can be involved. September’s Scalarama is a time to project your passion, and connect with others to share ideas, tour films and unite over celebrating cinema.

BFI FAN members could be involved this year – by putting on events, by spreading the word or by attending screenings in your area. This is the year to make September the UNOFFICIAL Month of Cinema… and Scalarama needs your help!

This year, to aid planning there is a new Google Group and a Resource site (with info, files, logos etc.) so do check those out if you want to join the national conversation.

Scalarama Events have to happen in the month of September (1st – 30th) and there is a print deadline of Monday 13th July for the free, nationwide Scalarama newspaper (see here for last year’s). Events need to be submitted via

Here are some ways to get involved:

It’s simple to get involved – no fees or box office splits go to Scalarama – it will always be a free and inclusive season. You just need to show a film in September under the Scalarama banner. All events will be on an interactive online map and those submitted before 13th July will feature in the newspaper. The Scalarama team have organised discounts from distributors (including BFI, Arrow, Second Run, Eureka, Dogwoof, Artificial Eye, Soda, Third Window) so do check those out here. If you are interested in taking part let the team know at and they’ll add you to the map at

This year Scalarama has launched Core Themes which will in future be suggested by the exhibition community. Themes for 2015 include PROJECT 51 (improving equality in cinema by SHOWING it, especially around female representation), celebrating film formats with CELLULOID FOREVER and VHSTIVAL, and marking SECOND RUN DVD’S TEN ANNIVERSARY and JOHN WATERS’ BFI retrospective. Distributors and programmers have also suggested titles including works by Takeshi Kitano, new restorations of DRAGON INN and 54: DIRECTOR’S CUT, live soundtracks from Minima and to experimental film BEGOTTEN. More information here. If you fancy connecting with other exhibitors on these themes or titles, join the Google Group to register your interest.

So far key cities have united those who like showing films to others, with meetings in Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, London, Liverpool and Nottingham all taking place. Local activity and co-promotion is what Scalarama is all about, and your local BFI Film Hub is keen to support this. Find your local Scalarama coordinator here, or contact if you want to organise yourselves locally.

Do let the Scalarama team know if you are keen to get involved, it would be great to have you on board.

Contact The Scalarama team here.