The season has now ended but if you would like more information on programming and resourcesh please see below.

What is Uprising?

Uprising is a UK-wide programme of screenings and events exploring the cinema and the legacy of 1968, joining the dots between that period and our own turbulent times, created by Film Hub Midlands and Watershed.

1968 somehow managed to cram a decade’s worth of news into one year; from the Prague spring and Paris riots, to the Tet Offensive and the killings of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. The UK saw student protests flare up on campuses across the country and rising tension in the wake of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, while in June a machinist’s strike at Dagenham’s Ford plant heralded a burgeoning women’s movement and paved the way for the Equal Pay Act.

These convulsions were writ large in the films of that year, whether it be the public school revolution of ‘If….’ , the domestic dissection of Pasolini’s ‘Theorem’ or the zombie underclass in ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

The season will consist of three main strands:

  • Substantial, multi-film seasons including planned activity at venues including BFI Southbank, HOME Manchester and in Glasgow, as well as a national programme of events produced by the Radical Film Network.
  • A package of recommended titles, including recent restorations and new releases, as well as associated guest talks.
  • A series of DIY Uprising screenings, targeted at emerging exhibitors with a supporting toolkit and suggested titles. This last element will take a broader approach to the ’68 theme, incorporating more recent work which resonates with the underlying themes of counterculture and social activism.Artwork and branding guidelines are also available to download below.

Suggested titles include:

Activism and Revolt

  • If…. (Lindsay Anderson, UK ’68) – public school revolution – DCP / Park Circus
  • The Fall (Peter Whitehead, UK ’69) – new restoration out in the summer tbc – DCP / Network
  • Medium Cool (Haskell Wexler, USA ’69) – filmed during the toxic Chicago Democratic convention – Blu Ray / Film Bank
  • The Big Flame (Ken Loach, UK ‘69) – TV play about 10,000 dockers occupying the Liverpool docks. Producer Tony Garnett is open to Q&As – DVD/Digibeta / BFI

Pop, Cult and Counter-culture

  • Yellow Submarine (George Dunning, UK ’68) – 4K restoration released in July – DCP / Picturehouse
  • One Plus One aka Sympathy for the Devil (Jean-Luc Godard, UK ’68) – Rolling Stones and Black Panthers – DCP / ABKCo – tbc
  • Night of the Living Dead (George A Romero, US ‘68) – new 4K restoration – DCP / Blu Ray tbc
  • Monterey Pop (DA Pennebaker, USA ’68) – Jane Balfour Films – tbc

Black Power

  • No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger (David Loeb Weiss, US 1968) – recent restoration by Anthology Film Archives – DCP / Cinema Guild – tbc
  • Up Tight (Jules Dassin, US ’68) – Black militants plan a heist in the wake of Martin Luther King’s assassination – Blu Ray / Filmbank – tbc
  • Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (Göran Olsson, Sweden 2011) archive collage – DCP / Thunderbird – tbc

International Perspectives

  • Memories of Underdevelopment (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Cuba ’68) – Recent 4K restoration by Cineteca di Bologna – DCP/Blu Ray / Mr Bongo
  • Funeral Parade of Roses (Toshio Matsumoto, Japan ’69) – another restoration, and an off-kilter view of Tokyo’s gay scene – DCP / Arbelos Films
  • Rocky Road to Dublin (Peter Lennon, Ireland ’67) – scathing view of the Irish establishment, and the last film to screen at Cannes ’68 before Truffaut and
  • Godard shut it down – Movie file/DVD / Irish Film Institute/Thunderbird
  • Teorema (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy ’68) – Terence Stamp dismantles a bourgeois family using tight trousers – DCP / BFI

Looking Back on ’68

  • Redoubtable (Michel Hazanavicius, France 2017) Wry, slapstick take on Godard’s political awakening, from the point of view of his young wife Anna Wiazemsky – DCP / Thunderbird – released 11 May 2018
  • In the Intense Now (João Moreira Salles, Brazil 2017) Essay film reflecting on archive material from Beijing, Paris and Prague. Currently in talks with UK distributors. Lux Box DCP – available for a limited no. of screenings.
  • Milou en Mai (Louis Malle, France ‘71) – DCP / Curzon
  • Hair (Milos Forman, USA ’78) – DCP / Park Circus
  • Made in Dagenham (Nigel Cole, UK 2010) – DCP / Paramount – TBC
  • Plus Something in the Air, a new shorts programme offering a feminist perspective on the period. Possible titles include Chantal Akerman’s Saute Ma Ville and Agnes Varda’s documentary Black Panthers.

Find out more about the season, support available and how to book by downloading the info pack here.

If you are taking part in the season, download the artwork and brand guidelines here.

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