Small Body

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Italy, 1900. Agata is a young woman who embarks herself on a desperate journey to reach a mysterious sanctuary to save her daughter’s soul from the eternal damnation of Limbo.

Genre: Drama

Production Details

Director: Laura Samani
Producers: Nadia Trevisan, Alberto Fasulo
Cast: Celeste Cescutti, Ondina Quadri
Cinematographer: Mitja Ličen
Chiara Dainese
Music: Fredrika Stahl

Technical Details

Length: 89 mins
Language: Italian
Certificate: 12A
Format: DCP (HoH version coming soon)


  • Date: 8th April 2022


  • Production Award at Torino Film Lab ScriptLab2017 and FeatureLab2018
  • Film Centre Serbia Development Award, When East Meets West 2018