Don’t Go Gentle: A film about IDLES


Don’t Go Gentle is a film about finding strength in vulnerability. It journeys through IDLES’ determination, friendship, and adversity as they fight for a place in a divided socio-political environment, unexpectedly inspiring and unifying an international community along the way.

Don’t Go Gentle’ captures the 10-year journey of IDLES struggle, grief, and moving determination. Exploring their vulnerabilities through their experience, lyrics, and sound, we learn the reasons why these five individuals have connected with legions of people across the world. We see just how that relationship unfolds in the most courageous and positive of human ways.

In a time when the ground is shifting beneath our feet, where open communication and truthful reflection are more vital than ever, we journey with lead singer Joe Talbot and the band as they tear across stages, knocking down stereotypes, empowering fans to talk about mental health and the realities we may not feel comfortable to speak about.

Genre: Documentary

Welsh Connections

Cast: Joe Talbot (lead singer) – born in Newport

Production Details

Director: March Archer
Producer: Andy Stewart
Executive Producer: Sara Archer
Associate Producer: Lindsay Melbourne
Editor: Tom Weller
Sound Design: Jeremy Snyder
Music: IDLES
Cast: IDLES band (Joe Talbot, Mark Bowen, Jon Beavis, Lee Kiernan, Adam Devonshire, Jon Harper, and Andy Stewart), Steve Lamacq (BBC6 Music), Felix White (The Maccabees), Lindsay Melbourn (AF Gang).

Technical Details

Length: 75 mins
Format: DCP, DVD, MOV
Language: English
Certificate: 15


Date: 2nd July 2021

The filmmakers are available for Q&As in Wales and also members of the AF GANG in Wales.



  • Screened at the below EU festivals:
    Seeyousound Music Festival (Torino, Italy)
    FAME (Paris, France)
    Gimme Shelter (Athens, Greece)
    Musical Ecran (Bordeaux, France)
  • UK: Doc’n Roll Film Festival

Distributor: Doc N Roll Films
Contact: Colm Forde,