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Brooding loner Ronnie (Zachary Ray Sherman) lives with his possessive mother in the wasteland of Van Nuys, California. Rejected from the military, opportunities for Ronnie to prove his worth are slim, and his only world is the one he has online. Railing from his video platform on the downfall of “real America” and against those he perceives as enemies, Ronnie gains confidence from the online extremist community around him and his channel grows. Meanwhile, chance leads him to a local swinger couple who pay him to play cuckold in their homemade amateur porn. Unaware that he is being exploited, Ronnie accepts the role and its rewards, buying an unregistered handgun and stroking his ego at firing ranges. But after meeting his online idol, a charismatic leader of the Alt-Right, Ronnie’s identity as a “cuck” emerges and his world shatters.


Directed by: Rob Lambert
Produced/Written by: Rob Lambert, Joe Varkle
Cast: Zachary Ray Sherman, Timothy V. Murphy, Sally Kirkland, Monique Parent, David Diaan, Hugo Armstrong, Travis Hammer
Music by: ROOM8
Cinematography: Nick Matthews
Edited by: Mac Nelsen


Running Time: 115 min
Certificate: 15
Format: VOD, DVD, Bluray
Language: English


Date: April 17 2020


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