These short films were supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales and the BFI NET.WORK, with the aim to develop bold and unique voices, explore diverse forms of cinematic storytelling and establish burgeoning careers. For more information and to book the films, contact

Film Hub Wales - In this houseIn This House

An elderly couple live out their strange and beautiful existence together in a relationship where not everything is as it seems.

Writer-Director: Owain Hopkins
Producer: Alan Humphreys
Production Company: Treetop Films


Film Hub Wales - PanicPanic

Since Dylan’s mother passed away his nightmares have been becoming real, more violent and seeping into his waking hours. But how do you escape yourself?

Writer-Director: James Cookson
Producer: Dominic Thomas
Production Company: Phoenix Film & TV


Film Hub WalesPink Suede Shoes

Jasun Watkins brings his pink, brash and very camp Elvis impersonation act to the biggest Elvis tribute festival in Europe. We join him in the days leading up to the competition, as he recalls how his troubled family life and childhood suffering fed his desire for fame. Will Pink Elvis win over the residents of this small Welsh seaside town?

Director: Jay Bedwani
Producer: Grant Vidgeon
Production Company: The Festivals Company


Film Hub Wales - Things That Fell From The SkyThings That Fall from the Sky

A story about collisions – between a swan and a power line, and between a muddy man in a ditch and a woman with blood on her hands.

Writer-Director: Catherine Linstrum
Producer: Stella Nwimo
Production Company: Bedlam Productions


Film Hub Wales - This Far UpThis Far Up

Centred around John, a man in his 70s living on a remote farmhouse, This Far Up is a surrealist exploration of life, death and what lies in between.

Writer-Director: Ewan Jones Morris
Producer: Miranda Ballesteros
Production Company: Lunatica


Film Hub Wales - Zero SumZero Sum

In the near silence of space, Ruth wakes up. As she slowly comes to life, she looks out of the window to see that her ship is one of hundreds orbiting an alien planet.

Director: Jimmy Hay
Writer: James Gillingham
Producer: Ross Bliss
Production Company: Long Arm Films


Father Of The Bride

The best man attempts to keep face and deliver his speech at his brother’s wedding following a sexual advance in the hotel bathroom by the father of the bride.

Director/Writer: Rhys Marc Jones
Producer: Alex Polunin


Bored of the white male politicians and ageing population of her small north Wales town deciding what her national identity should be, check-out girl Kerry plans a new jelly-filled nation in a mountain cave.

Writer-Director: Sam O’Rourke


An animated short about queer love, fear and a boat made of leaves.

Writer-Director: Efa Blosse Mason

Producer: Amy Morris, Winding Snake Productions


A woman from the city has a brief but life-changing connection with a hill farmer and the landscape in remote mid-Wales.

Writer-Director: Zillah Bowes

Producer: Jack Thomas-O’Brien, Sixteen Films

Motion Sickness

On an overnight coach to Wales, a woman tries to decipher whether or not the driver is an ex-convict.

Writer-Director: Nan Moore

Producer: Bethan Jones

Sally Leapt Out Of The Window Last Night

Ireland, 1788. To escape the fate their families plan for them, two women flout convention and scandalise society by eloping. (Based on the true story of the Ladies of Llangollen).

Writer-Director: Tracy Spottiswoode

Producer: Kathy Speirs, Up Helly Aa


This documentary takes an inquisitive look at Takeshi, a lecturer from Tokyo, with an incredible and unusual passion towards the Welsh language and its culture.

Writer-Director: Griff Lynch

Producer: Gwen Hughes