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Amanda (Benedetta Porcaroli) has returned home to Italy and her family after a few years studying in Paris. It’s her first summer back and it’s clear the long weeks ahead of her are devoid of any plans. She has no friends (the housekeeper is her closest thing to a confidante), doesn’t get along with her family and generally doesn’t seem to fit in. Her mother reminds her of a friend’s daughter whom Amanda was close with as a child. And so, with little else to do and no one to entertain her, Amanda decides to seek her out. Rebecca (Galatéa Belluggi) has not only stayed at home since they were last in contact, her agoraphobia has kept her mostly inside it. The combination of both women’s neuroses only accentuates Amanda’s desire to rekindle the friendship, even if it’s a situation that no one seems likely to profit from.

Genre: Drama

Production Details

Directors: Carolina Cavalli
Cast: Benedetta Porcaroli, Galatea Bellugi

Technical Details

Length: 1hr 34mins
Certificate: 15
Format: DCP
Language: Italian


Date: 2nd June 2023

Distributor: Curzon