Aesthetica Film Festival 2016 (Ffresh)

Jody Tozer from the Ffresh Student Media Festival Of Wales attended Aesthetica festival. Here’s what she thought:

“I had a fantastic time at Aesthetica where there was a large programme of short films and masterclasses all over the city of York. The buildings used for the events were incredible and included a museum, a medieval hall and largely used York University. It was great to see so many students engaging in a festival such as Aesthetica with plenty of networking opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to collaborate and share ideas. It was inspirational to see how a film festival and educational institution can work together, and in just 5 years create a large festival that was selling out on screenings. I also liked how they wanted to just bring filmmakers together but also film festival organisers so that we can all work together to develop a stronger film watching community in the UK.”

Jody’s top five things learned:

  1. I’ve developed a great strategy idea for Ffresh going forward.
  2. I’ve made connections that may prove useful teaming up with other festivals in the future.
  3. More people are now aware of Ffresh.
  4. I’ve seen some new programming ideas.
  5. I’ve realised that a strong connection with just one educational institution can be immensely successful.
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