October 20, 07:30pm

Films & Wine: Embrace of the serpent

Tramshed Cinema
Films & Wine Community Cinema

Remember reserve this date in your diary, reserve your early bird with Tramshed.

Friday 20 of October, after work come to The Waiting Room at Tramshed we get together around 7;30ish pm come to Vote and help us to screen what you'll like to watch with a bit of help from our options! Make an event of your MONTH, it will be fun!

The most voted film was "Embrace of the serpent" (2016)
Last Friday and Saturday you were telling us by traditional voting style "pen and paper", what would you like to watch with Films & wine? Embrace of the serpent, was fighting among another foreing films like Ladri di biciletas"(1949) "Bicycle thieves" by Vittorio De Sica. Classic film to watch from Italy all about working class. A must watch!

You choose "Embrace of the Sepent" (2016) diverse, and adventurous film with stuning cinematography! Well done!

From Rotten tomatoes:

This stunning art-movie plays like 'Apocalypse Now' in a dugout canoe.

Colombia is not a nation known for its cinema (to be fair, it’s probably tough to focus on the creative process when your nation's been beset by six decades of armed conflict). Which makes ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ – nominated for Best Foreign Film – even more remarkable. An account of Amazonian exploration and exploitation set in two different time periods, the film’s influences are plain: Herzog, ‘Apocalypse Now’, Tarkovsky and heavy psychedelics. But the result is unique and intoxicating, an art movie that grips like a thriller. 

It’s 1909, and terminally ill German explorer Theodor Koch-Grunberg (Jan Bijvoet) is on the trail of yakruna, a sacred plant said to have healing properties. He recruits young mystic Karamakate (Nilbio Torres), the last of his tribe, as a guide. Thirty-one years later, American scientist Evan (Brionne Davis) takes up Theo’s quest, and starts by tracking down the shaman, now living alone in the jungle painting rocks. What follows is a dreamlike, episodic road movie by canoe, as first Theo, then Evan come face to face with the ghosts of a tribal past and the horrors of a colonialist present – all leading to a finale of cosmic, mind-expanding beauty.