Training & Skills 2017


Since 2013, FHW has supported the Welsh exhibition sector with 66 bursaries and we have had over 1200 individual engagements with different workshops, surgeries and events.

We aim to build skills and confidence across the exhibition sector in Wales year-round through various national and regional opportunities. 

You can also engage with UK wide networks that FAN have established to offer additional skills support. 


You can read about some of our work to date 
in the publication below, or download here.


Bursary Application Deadlines:

  • Applications for training/skills bursaries will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year with no set deadlines.
  • Bursaries between £50 and £500 are available, up to a maximum of 100% fees and 50% travel/accommodation.
  • FHW will require a minimum of four weeks’ notice to consider and process applications.
  • Applications should not be submitted post-event or with a deadline sooner than four weeks.
  • Training must take place within the relevant financial year of application and must be completed by December 2017.
  • For each course, only one application per organisation will be accepted.

Bursary Application Next Steps:

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*Please note that this page/documents are currently being translated to Welsh.