Serbian responses to Roald Dahl

"Inside every person there is a hidden dream factory, even the oldest one. A place where you can imagine anything and there are endless possibilities." - Jelisaveta Neskovic, 17, of Takovski Ustanak school

Roald Dahl on Film was presented at a meeting of the Youth Cinema Network (a collective of over 40 European youth festival and media training representatives) at the newly launched international Wicked Wales Festival at Bodelwyddan Castle, Rhyl, in September 2016.  

Following the presentation and in partnership with Film Hub Wales member, Wicked Wales, primary and secondary teacher, Dragana Stefanovic of elementary school "Kralj Aleksandar I" in the Serbian town of Gornji Milanovac, was inspired to take the project to young audiences in Europe. 43 young students aged 7 to 10 read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Serbian before watching and discussing the film and using the Roald Dahl on Film education pack designed for the season and hosted on our website for venues across the world to download. 

On 12 October, 100 Takovski Ustanak grammar school students aged 15 to 17 watched the film before rating it with the Roald Dahl on Film Oxford University Press selfie challenge cards. Students then made dream jars, wrote down their dreams, along with a short essay on the topic of the dream factory and even made a poster about Wales and Roald Dahl. We’re pleased to share a selection of the essays, poems and creative writing below - they are quite brilliant.

"My Dream Factory" responses by students at Takovski Ustanak grammar school:

A beautiful exploration of the nature of reality, the point of dreaming, and the limits of happinessIva Maric.pdf
A letter from the grave gives the recipe for the perfect dreamBojana Stekovic.pdf
A spooky story about a boy who discovers a mysterious old buildingDejana Paunovic.pdf
A fantastic imagining of how one could design new civilisations in spaceKristina Glisovic.pdf
Opening a book takes Luka into a vivid world inhabited by the masters of Russian literatureLuka Miskovic.pdf
Roald Dahl and Aldous Huxley combine in Milena's questions about genetic manipulationMilena Matovic.pdf
A magical dream experience leads to a new understanding of the importance of hopeMilica Lukic.pdf
Nina creates a fictional advertisement for an attraction that offers a new experienceNina Dmitrovic.pdf
A dream provides Radmilo with a utopian vision for social interaction in the futureRadmilo Radojevic.pdf
Roald Dahl guides the reader into a fantastic and terrifying world of fear machines and dream riversSimona Dmitrovic.pdf
Vukasin uses the theme to create a poem of dark, gothic beautyVukasin Petrovic.pdf
A plan for a new business of creating people's perfect dreamsAnastasija Novakovic.pdf
Andjela offers a deconstruction of the moral lessons to be found in Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryAndjela Damnjanovic.pdf
A stark and enigmatic little tale of curiosity and romanceAnica Drljevic.pdf
Ilija playfully hypothesises how we could create time, and what we'd use it forIlija Kostic.pdf
An insightful ponder on the importance of imagination and the power of youthJana Pavlovic.pdf
Nikola explains the absolute importance of the vivid freedom found in dreamsNikola Milinkovic.pdf
A fictional advertisement pitch for an attraction offering a very new experienceNina Dmitrovic.pdf
A beautifully worded mnemonic that reflects on Roald Dahl's wordsOlga Djurovic.pdf
Another hopeful and energetic vision for bettering our worldRadmilo Radojevic.pdf
Stevan's philosophical musings on heartbreak are short but sweetStevan Adzic.pdf
This short, experimental dream diary attempts to capture the endless possibilities of dreamingJelisaveta Neskovic.pdf