Vampire Guitar

Vampire Guitar
By FHW Roald Dahl Admin


The film is a black comedy. It follows the murderous progress of a killer guitar and its attendant roadie with whom it develops a Faustian pact. The roadie's tragic relationship with the evil instrument forms the  spine of the film. The marks left on the bodies of five victims baffle both the police and an eminent vampire hunter. The mysterious villain turns out to be a musical monster with an insatiable appetite for blood, usually that of the unfortunate musicians who acquire the six stringed menace. Set in a fictitious radio station the action is brought to cinematic life through the vivid imagination of an obsessive "listener" who conjures up most of the scenes in his head.The climax features an electrifying showdown between the forces of good and evil that can turn us into angels or devils. 

Winner of Best Screenplay at the Bram Stoker International Festival

Welsh Connections

Welsh director / writer / producer: Richard Pawelko

Welsh co-producer: Mary Simmonds

Shot in Wales


Date: 1st July 2013

Running time: 86 minutes